CAEF Videos 2021

We invite you to experience the powerful messages our speakers have shared.


CAEF presents "1948 - The Exhibition: The Founding of Israel"


Presented by Dr. Oren Osterer, leading expert on Israeli history, Director of DEIN, and Manager of the 1948 Exhibition.


CAEF presents "REMEMBERING, RETELLING: Its relevance for today"


A panel discussion with Filmmaker Hugh Kitson and Pastor Malcolm Hedding, with a focus on Hugh's film Lest We Forget, a documentary about the deadly virus of antisemitism - hatred of the Jewish people and hatred of the Jewish state.

CAEF presents "Combatting Antisemitism in our Day to Day Communities" with Dr. Ronit Klemens

Dr. Ronit Klemens has an MA Jewish Philosophy, an MA Counselling Psychology, a PhD Interdisciplinary Studies, is a Licensed Clinical Counselor, and is a retired Professor of Philosophy and Psychotherapist. Ronit had a personal encounter with Antisemitism, and from this experience she has drawn conclusions relevant to all Jews living in the diaspora. She sees radical acts of Antisemitism as originating in a prolonged period of indoctrination in our day-to-day communities, where the normalization of Antisemitism is a constant. Ronit outlines the issues, describe how she dealt with them and how the lessons she learned might help YOU. Viewers will gain basic tools -- speech and non-violent pressure -- in order to combat Antisemitism in their day-to-day communities. Click here to download the slides from the presentation.


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CAEF presents "Zionism Today: New Visions for Israel and The Diaspora", with Lauren Isaacs

Lauren Isaacs is National Director, Herut Canada, and Coordinator for World Herut in Israel. In this dynamic talk, Lauren discusses what You can do to support Zionism.


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CAEF presents "UNRWA Incites Violence Against Jews"

CAEF presented an important webinar on "Canada, the UK, and the US support UNRWA - Is this an election issue?" on September 14, 2021, featuring: David Bedein, Director, The Center for Near East Policy Research; Dr. Arnon Groiss, Associate, The Center for Near East Policy Research; and Brooke Goldstein, Executive Director, the Lawfare Project, and Founder, End Jew Hatred.


CAEF presents "Navigating the Educational System and Academia"


CAEF presents "Islamist Obstacles in the Path of Peace: Implications for Israel and her Neighbours"


Part III features Imam Tawhidi, the Imam of Peace, in discussion with Dr. Mordechai Kedar, scholar of Arabic culture.


End Jew Hatred rallies around the world on July 25, 2021

WOW! What an outpouring of love and solidarity around the world for Jews in Germany, as they deal with rising Jew-hatred, again.

Together, we can #EndJewHatred in our generation.



CAEF presents "Islamist Obstacles in the Path of Peace" - Main Presentation


Imam Tawhidi, known as the Imam of Peace, focuses on Israel, Palestinian Arabs, the recent Abraham Accords, and the meaning of normalization.

CAEF presents "Islamist Obstacles in the Path of Peace" - Questions & Answers

Following his main presentation, Imam Tawhidi took questions from CAEF's guest panel, which included: Sam Eskenasi, Founder of La'ad Canada; Judy Freedman Kadish, lawyer and Co-Executive Director of Americans For A Safe Israel; Lauren Isaacs, National Director of Herut Canada and Co-Ordinator for World Herut in Israel; Anita Bromberg, lawyer and President of Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation; Dr. Leon Kadish, orthopaedic surgeon and Medical Director of ProMed Evaluation and Chair of the Board of Doctors Against Racism And Antisemitism; and Natalie Arbatman, senior student representing Club Z.

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End Jew Hatred Rally


CAEF presents "What's the real reason for anti-Israel media bias?"

Featuring a special presentation by Jonathan S. Tobin, Editor in Chief of the Jewish News Syndicate ( , senior contributor for The Federalist , and columnist for Newsweek, the New York Post, Haaretz, & Israel Hayom.


CAEF presents "Jewish Ethics on Self Defense"

A special presentation by Rabbi Cary Kozberg from Temple Shalom in Springfield, Ohio.

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CAEF presents "Security for Jews and Jewish Community: Tips from Experts"

Featuring: Ryan Clow, Senior Director, Community Security, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto; Superintendent Ricky Veerappan, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau, Community Services, York Regional Police; and Carmi Levy, Journalist and Technology Analyst.


AFOUI and CAEF present "In Pursuit of Global Justice: A Conversation with the Hon. Irwin Cotler"


CAEF presents "The Failure of Jewish Leadership: What is to be Done?​"


A special presentation by Dr. Charles Jacobs, journalist and social activist.

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