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A letter to You from CAEF

Dear Friends,

In January 2021, The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF ) started the Canadian chapter of a new grassroots movement, End Jew Hatred Canada, to address growing antisemitism with direct action. We are standing up for Zionism, standing up for Jewish civil rights, and advocating across society, with members from the Jewish community and with proud non-Jewish allies.

CAEF is a very lean and efficient organization, made up entirely of volunteers.Since the pandemic, we have organized and delivered over 3 dozen excellent webinars with featured speakers from across the globe who are experts in their fields, who addressed topics such as The Virus of Antisemitism, Unapologetic Zionism, and The Challenges for Jews Today. We publish a weekly CAEF Bulletin, we address crucial issues of the day, circulate petitions, meet with members of government, and promote information dissemination that features the truth about Jewish history, the legal rights of Jews to the land of Israel, and the destructive and discreditable purveyors of hate that push the boycott, divestment and sanctions agenda.

Over the next few months, we will launch a new End Jew Hatred Canada website, as well as deliver a gift of Jewish symbols to our federally elected Members of Parliament so they can contemplate what it means to be “visibly” Jewish. We will add our voice to the condemnation of the Toronto District School Board that re-instated a bigoted, antisemitic educator who shares lies and perpetrates hate in our school system, and we will stand with those professors and administrators, students and parents, who abhor the increasingly hostile anti-Jewish atmosphere at major Canadian universities and colleges. We will be loud about the situations we see, not complacent, not compromising, and never silent.

Will you help us stand up to the Bullies, the Bigots and the Buffoons who spread Jew Hatred? If you can contribute, your gift will help CAEF cover basic costs such as web and IT support, graphic design and printing, bookkeeping services, and materials for our direct actions. Materials include signage, flags, branded kippot and other products used in rallies. We depend on donors like you to keep our operation efficient, viable and accountable. Please see the video of our recent Rally with Allies, to End Jew Hatred.

All donations small and large, are appreciated and are tax deductible in Canada.

Donations can be made online


By Cheque to

CAEF, P.O. Box 77598, Sheppard Plaza PO, Toronto, ON M3A 6A7.

Thank you in advance.


Andria Spindel Executive Director Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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