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Activists Speak Out - CAEF Bulletin August 13, 2021

Readers of CAEF Bulletin Send Messages

As Executive Director of CAEF, I am delighted to receive feedback and I encourage it. Following every webinar people send comments, questions or request more information or an opportunity to view the webinar recording. I am delighted and thank all of you who have been in touch. I do my best to acknowledge every single contact. This issue of the CAEF Bulletin is dedicated to sharing some of the material and ideas that I have received, as well as the humour. All of our readers and webinar listeners are “activists,” people wanting to do more for the Jewish world, to take on our enemies and spread truth, justice and peace. Let’s do some of that now.

From CF, Needham, Massachusetts:

“My husband, an MIA/POW WWII from Stalag 11b Germany met 3 men inside the British compound talking Hebrew. He asked, as he traded cigarettes for bread to feed his starving buddies in the USA compound, and they told him that they had volunteered from Samaria, the Holy Land, with the British, and were captured in Tabruk by the Germans in 1941. They were in Stalag 11b until he met them in June 1944.


There never were Arabic Palestinians. The Romans named the country Palestina, to detract from its Jewish history. The “Palestinians were then Jewish and still are. The Arabs who claim to be ethnic Palestinians are liars and the media fan the lie and the hatred flames.”


Message from the Registrar and CEO: Acknowledging the Rise in Anti-Semitism and the College’s Role as Regulator

Over 120 social workers sent a message to the College asking that it address antisemitism, due to both internal incidents and the gap in social work education. While the profession exists to address poverty, inequality, discrimination, oppression and provide supports and strategies to alleviate these ills, it has become evident that the only “ism” not addressed or taken seriously is antisemitism. The recent response from the College is encouraging if not totally adequate. We urge our readers, especially those who brought the issue forward to the attention of CAEF, to push hard for the College to adopt IHRA.


BDS Campaigners, Please Boycott these Israel Products and Have a Nice Day

A volunteer with CAEF and regular reader who shares interesting news and humorous items, hit the jackpot with this one. Please send it to any of your BDS supporting friends and family, and don’t forget your enemies.


Why Care About Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Boycott of Israel?

The article below expresses the view of an activist who sees the “teaching moment” offered by the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream debacle. In 10 points he summarizes the issues, the history lessons, and the best way to enjoy ice cream this summer—choose another brand! Read the whole article for all 10 points.

I love ice cream, almost any ice cream. I don’t think I could even differentiate among ice creams from Haagen-Dazs, Baskin Robbins, Breyers, Dreyers, Blue Bell, Chapman’s, Ben and Jerry’s or any of the great local homemade brands. Although I like to support local.

In fact, there are so many choices of ice cream, living without Ben and Jerry’s is an easy decision. Who needs politics with their ice cream? Especially when it is either biased, misinformed, bigoted or all three.

  1. What’s the upside of a Ben and Jerry’s Boycott of Israel, even if it is only boycotting Judea & Samaria?

There’s two good reasons why I’m not upset about the Ben and Jerry’s fiasco. First, it’s a wake-up call to many Jews and their allies that antisemitism not only exists, but it is being normalized and supported by unJews like Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the founders who pushed a social justice agenda with their product, publicly support the boycott.


Background to the B & J story if you aren’t yet convinced

CAEF and End Jew Hatred Canada endorsed the End Jew Hatred Rally in NY on August 12th to educate people about the antisemitic nature of the boycott of Jews in Judea and Samaria. See poster.


Frozen Chosen

In light of the boycott, Shurat Hadin, the Israel Law Center is bringing a copyright action against Ben & Jerry’s. If they abandon their trademark in Judea and Samaria ie don’t use it there then it is available for others to use. Hence Shurat Hadin is applying for the above trademark, and will consider providing ice cream to the Jews, Muslims, Christians, Bedouins, Druze and others who live in the area. Watch for your choice of flavours.


The Last Word (Today) on The Boycott of Ben and Jerry’s

The last word goes to Jonathan Tobin, editor of the Jewish Syndicate News, who comments on the propaganda battle between the pro-boycott and anti-boycott pressures from within the Jewish community itself. Do the actions of American Jewry towards Ben and Jerry’s even matter to Israelis? What is really at issue here? Why the fervour? Tobin points out that the BDS campaigns actually hurt Palestinian Arabs as much or more than the Jews.

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi, in a recent CAEF Web Talk, called on Jews to fight battles more significant than the availability of ice cream options, like the rightful legal and Biblical claim to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, like the rights of Jews to Judea and Samaria, and the end of the occupation lies.

CAEF sent a letter to Galen Weston, Executive Chair of Loblaw Companies Inc to halt sales of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Read it here.


Watch Imam Mohamad Tawhidi in Dialogue with Dr. Mordechai Kedar, in this week’s Web Talk, Part 3 of Islamist Obstacles in the Path to Peace, Implications for Israel and the Middle East.


Watch for Bubie on Wheels, L’Savta Galgalim, the new mascot of End Jew Hatred Canada, with Ice cream treats, photo-ops and important information about BDS.


Sign the Pledge to Combat Antisemitism

When Combat Antisemitism was founded, CAEF was an early endorser, we signed the pledge and urged over 60 other Canadian organizations to sign. We continue to support the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) and to partner on programs and webinars. Please take a minute, sign the pledge.

With antisemitism on the rise, manifesting itself in both new and ancient forms across the ideological spectrum, CAM will keep developing innovative methods to counter it. To bolster CAM's reach and deepen the movement's impact, we need more people involved in our activities. We invite you to join more than 350,000 individuals who have joined CAM by signing our pledge and participating in our events.


Israel’s Friends Dance and Rejoice

Every year the Friends of Jesus Christ, Canada presents a magnificent tribute to Israel through dance, usually held at Earl Bales Park in Toronto. Last year the event was virtual due to the pandemic and this year, it will be held in their own building but with limited invited attendance. However, everyone is welcome to watch the livestreaming celebration on August 22, 2021 at 4:00pm Toronto time.

This church and its dancers are truly Israel Activists. They love and honour Israel and the Jewish people. Pastor Teck Uy is a well-respected friend and ally who recently spoke at the End Jew Hatred Canada rally on behalf of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

CAEF is proud to co-sponsor Israel Rejoicing 2021. Mark the date and join in Rejoicing. Click on the flyer for the link and for a preview, watch this clip.


Another Boycott Idea

Another reader with a penchant for writing letters to the editors of national newspapers, and getting them published, shared this image with CAEF and it very much suits the activist boycott theme of our Bulletin. Enjoy.


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