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CAEF Event Highlights | CAEF Special Bulletin, June 4, 2023

Stronger Together presents "Antisemitism In The News", a panel discussion with leading journalists

The second lead-in program for Stronger Together Fighting to End Jew Hatred Conference, featured journalists Sue-Ann Levy, Barbara Kay, and Terry Glavin. moderated by Rabbi Corey Margolese, Conference Chair. Watch Now and Share the Video


We Walked with Israel 2023, Celebrating Israel’s 75th Anniversary

CAEF board members and volunteers actively participated in the Walk with Israel Information and After Party Eventson May 22nd. CAEF featured information about the organization, as well as strong messaging for the End Jew Hatred Canada movement and the upcoming Stronger Together Fighting to End Jew Hatred Conference, September 10, 2023. Click here for information

Michael Teper, Board member, Event Coordinator
Charles Cooke, Board Member, Government Liaison; Jeff Dorfman, Treasurer

CAEF Representatives Meet with Laura Smith, MPP, Thornhill, Ontario

Andria Spindel, Executive Director; Laura Smith MPP; Sydell Waxman, CAEF Education Chair

Education Committee Chair, Sydell Waxman and Andria Spindel met with Laura Smith, Member of the Provincial Parliament for Thornhill on April 28th to share information about the work of CAEF, and the particular focus on education that is addressed in the new Educational Resources compiled by Sydell and with lesson plans by high school history teacher, Beth Akler. The two CAEF reps, noted that the Ontario curriculum must do more to address antisemitism than teach about the Holocaust. The government has mandated that all grade 6 classes will learn about the Holocaust, but experience and research confirm that it isn’t enough, and that children need to learn more about Jews, Jewish contributions to local, national and international life, and the lengthy historical period of Jews in Israel, to combat today’s antisemitism. The four years of horror and destruction of Jewish life in Europe has not proven to be the deterrent towards Jew hatred that was once thought to be the preventive panacea.

Kudos to Sydell, Beth and graphic designer/web developer, David Stambler, who created outstanding, user friendly resources. See here.

Sydell and Andria urged Ms Smith to speak with Mr. Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education, about the importance of his attending the Stronger Together Conference, Fighting to End Jew Hatred, and requesting that he mandate that IHRA be implemented in education to address antisemitism, including that anti-Zionism is antisemitism. The meeting was very congenial and welcoming, and Ms Smith was positive in response to all suggestions.


Supporting Legal Action to Confront Antisemitism in Social Work Space

On May 23rd, 2023, The Lawfare Project (LP) announced that they have partnered with Toronto-based law firm RE-LAW LLP (RE-LAW), which represents Annette Poizner, a Canada-based social worker, and Director of Research for the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. With the support of The Lawfare Project, Ms. Poizner has issued a Libel Notice and cease-and-desist notice to a fellow practitioner regarding alleged antisemitic and defamatory emails sent to a large professional social work listserv.

Ms. Poizner, who was concerned by reports of antisemitism at several Canadian social work schools, undertook qualitative research and published accounts provided by respondents in an open-sourced article, "Exclusion, Isolation, and Rejection: Emerging Anecdotal Reports of Jews Studying Social Work. Preliminary Findings.” The article, which appeared in the peer-reviewed Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism, summarized reports that the social work curricula of five Canadian schools address various forms of hatred/oppression in the greatest of detail but consistently omit the study of antisemitism. As well, the study includes reports from several respondents that Zionism is, at times, vilified in courses or readings.

Recently, in an incident that parallels the findings of Ms. Poizner’s ongoing research, another Ontario-based social worker circulated emails on the listserv of their professional association in which she stated that her referral network necessarily excludes Zionists. She accused Ms. Poizner of being a racist and harboring anti-Arab sentiments because of her Zionist identity, and represented Ms. Poizner’s Zionism as supporting a genocidal ideology impacting her professional integrity and patient care.

David Elmaleh, a partner at RE-LAW and counsel to Ms Poizner, said: “We are dismayed that Ms. Poizner and other Jewish social workers have been expressly excluded from a colleague’s referral list on the basis of her Judaism, which encapsulates her Zionist values.” “To suggest that our client espouses genocidal views because she believes in the Jewish people’s right to self-determination in its indigenous homeland is in our view plainly discriminatory and antisemitic. We look forward to assisting Ms. Poizner with her case, which we understand is emblematic of a much larger issue, given concerning reports of antisemitism in the social work field.”

“Excluding or blacklisting Jewish individuals is unacceptable in any context, and all the more appalling when perpetrated by a healthcare professional against others in their field,” said Benjamin Ryberg, COO and Director of Research at The Lawfare Project. “We hope that the individual who sent these antisemitic and discriminatory emails will take steps to remedy the situation without the need for subsequent legal action.”

CAEF is appreciative of the initiative being taken by the Lawfare Project and the strength of Ms Poizner in standing up for Zionism and Jewish rights, and for her significant research: Hineni, Reaching out to Include Antisemitism in SocialWork Education. This research is supported by a partnership with Doctors Against Racism and Antisemitism (DARA), StandwithUs Canada, Alpha Omega (Dental Society) and Hasbara Fellowships Canada. Read more


CAEF Attended Israel Embassy Celebration in Ottawa

By Charles Cooke

I am writing as a participant of the wonderful event hosted by the Israeli Embassy in Ottawa, May 15 and 16th, to celebrate Israel’s 75th birthday.

It was a full day and two evenings of great programming, panel discussions and entertainment.

The Monday evening performance was led by the headliner Regev which was inspiring.

The Tuesday discussion panels provided interesting perspectives and opinions.

I particularly enjoyed the panel led by Robert Fife on Israel’s place in the world. There were French, American and Canadian journalists as panelists providing their different viewpoints.

As part of our mission as delegates on behalf of CAEF, I and others, had a chance to interact one-on-one with our Canadian Jewish MPs. We met with two Liberal MPs, Ya’ara Saks and Anthony Housefather, and Conservative MP, Melissa Lantsman. The engagement of the two federal Liberal MPs was somewhat disappointing. One might assume that in addition to representing their respective ridings, these Jewish Members of Parliament might also represent the wider Canadian Jewish community and take interest in our concerns. This is not a partisan criticism of MPs Saks and Housefather. Rather, it is to point out their misplaced demeanour and substantive approach to our issues of concern.

It was a frustrating experience. We asked MP Saks about the Government of Canada’s latest statement on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Israel conflict. Our concern was in reference to a statement by the government about the cycle of violence between two parties, which did not sufficiently distinguish between the aggressor -the terrorist PIJ and a democracy defending its population. MP Saks was clearly annoyed with us and referenced “extra-judicial killings by the IDF”.

It was not at all clear how that related to Israel seeking to protect its citizens which is not only its right but it’s obligation under international law. I personally did not feel it an appropriate nor informed stance for an elected official.

MP Housefather was approached about UNWRA funding. He appeared exasperated with us saying he has done and spoken to everyone on the topic. He asked us why we approached him as he was a Montreal MP. We appreciate that he attended from Montreal, but as a member of the Jewish community, attending a celebration of Israel, we hoped he would agree that the funding of an entity that promotes violence against Israel and the Jewish people, would be a shared concern. He did advise us to contact the Parliamentary Secretary for Heritage Canada, and we will do so.

I will work through CAEF to continue to engage with both these Liberal MPs and others, both in government and the opposition, in order to identify constructive ways to move our agenda forward. I hope that both MPs Saks and Housefather are now aware of concerns, and that we will be less disappointed in our next meetings.

We all have to be open to differing views and agree to disagree amicably and with respect.

Anita Bromberg and Anthony Housefather, MP for Mount Royal
Ron East, publisher,; Melissa Lantsman, MP for Thornhill; Anita Bromberg, CAEF President; Charles Cooke, CAEF board member
Anita Bromberg, Charles Cooke, Ya’ara Saks, MP York Centre
Ron Hoffman, Israel's Ambassador to Canada

CAEF Celebrates Israel with Allies

On June 1st, a large contingent of CAEF board members and volunteers attended the Israel Allies Foundation's (IAF)celebration of Jerusalem Day and Israel's 75th anniversary at the Canadian Christian College. The Foundation articulates clearly the idea of faith-based diplomacy, of collaboration between Jews and their Christian Zionist friends, and of the power of prayer.

Left to tight: Josh Reinstein, Frank Diamant, MK Amichai Chikli

Charles McVety and Jennifer McVety

Over a dozen Christian pastors prayed for peace for Jerusalem following a dynamic program that featured the following: Hatikvah and other songs by Cantor Alex Stein and the CCC Choir; greetings by IAF Chair, Josh Reinstein; warm greetings and blessings from the evening's host, Pastor Charles McVety; a powerful and passionate speech by MK and Minister of the Diaspora, Amichai Chikli; and an amazing Israeli dance performance by the Friends of Jesus Christ Church.

CAEF gratefully acknowledges the love and support that Christian Zionists express for Israel and the Jewish people.


Israel Forever Foundation Celebrates Israel 75 in Jerusalem

by Andria Spindel

While on tour for pleasure and business in Israel, I had the unique opportunity to attend a gathering for the Diplomatic Community, organized by Dr. Elana Heidman and staff of the Israel Forever Foundation, May 15th at the David Citadel Hotel, in Jerusalem. Quite by coincidence, my timing was perfect. I thank Elana for the invitation and for coordinating this important milestone event.

I was thrilled to be greeted by Yifa Segal, friend and colleague in the battle to defend truth about Israel. Yifa was my guest on CAEF's first ever webinar in April 2020.

Yifa Segal and Andria Spindel

Speakers at this event included Alex Traiman, CEO and Jerusalem Bureau Chief for JNS; Richard Heideman, Founder and Chair of the Israel Forever Foundation and Past Chair of the American Zionist Movement; and Avi Meyer, Editor-in-Chief, Jerusalem Post.

Left to right: Alex Traiman, Richard Heideman, and Avi Mayer

All confirmed the imperative of speaking out, speaking truth about Israel, combating lies and disinformation, and the need for all country representatives in Israel, to stand with Israel and for the truth.


CAEF hosted Richard Landes with Friends and Donors

CAEF was pleased to have Richard Landes, author and historian extraordinaire, speak with a group of about 2 ½ dozen friends about his latest book, Can the Whole Word be Wrong? Lethal Journalism, Antisemitism and Global Jihad. He is also a contributor to a recent book called Betrayal: The Failure of American Jewish Leadership, in which over 20 esteemed commentators and activists address what they feel is the failure of the Jewish establishment, leadership and donors, to confront the surge of antisemitism in America, and successfully reduce it, especially when it is most often rooted in antiZionism.


Hold Dates for Three Programs

Register Now for Webinar with Ezra Ridgley, Beyond the Conflict: Life in Judea and Samaria, June 13, 2023. See more information here.

Register Now for Stronger Together Conference Fighting to #EndJewHatred, September 10, 2023. See more information here.

Hold the date for webinar and In person with Yotam Eyal, CEO of The Legal Forum for Israel, June 15, 2023. 7:30 pm EDT.


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