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CAEF launches new initiative for Jewish Heritage Month and Summer 2021

Piece of Mind: Questions You Never Even Knew You Had to Ask! will be a weekly webinar presented by thought leaders, including rabbis, teachers, analysts that covers historical, religious, cultural, political and other ideas that young and old often ponder.

Our Jewish Heritage is multi-faceted and complex, and a precious treasure. Without knowledge one cannot accurately or adequately assess the current situation in which Jews find themselves. Opinions are often formed from hearsay, misinformation, media distortion, uneducated influencers, and peers. Judaism teaches us to ask questions, discuss/debate, form our own ideas, evaluate and continue to discuss. Jewish pride will be enhanced with knowledge and connection to one’s Jewish heritage.

CAEF invites readers to watch our new weekly webinar series, a resource for Jewish learners, discuss it with family and friends. Send in your questions and comments.


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