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CAEF Letter to John Avalos re: Support by DCCC for Terrorism and the murder of Jews must stop

Mr. Avalos,

It is outrageous, incomprehensible and abhorrent that your committee would in any manner, using any words, support the tyrants and monsters of Hamas, the ruling party of Gaza. Did DCCC support Hitler when he rampaged across Europe massacring Jews? Do you expect Americans to be sympathetic to the Hamas-Nazis?

This is the outrage that the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation is addressing and we expect this resolution to be pulled from the agenda:

SF Democratic County Central Committee

The committee meets to vote on this resolution via Zoom at its meeting on Wednesday, October 25, at 6:30 p.m. Among the resolution’s more egregious problems:

  • The text questions the legitimacy of the Jewish people’s claim to Israel as their indigenous homeland.

  • Worse, it blames the victims for the October 7 attack, in which 1,400 people—including infants, children, and the elderly—were either executed or kidnapped. Some were tortured or raped. Families are still burying their dead.

  • The resolution also calls for an immediate ceasefire and end to the blockade of Gaza without recognizing the genocidal intent of Hamas or offering any solutions that will actually keep Israelis safe

It is time that you and your members pulled your head out of the proverbial "social justice" sand and stood for truth, for decency, for humanity and not with inhumane monsters of Hamas. Israel is fighting a war that serves the entire world, saving us from one of the myriad of Islamist/ISIS tyrannical organizations that wants to impose Islamic supremacy on the world.

It is true that innocent Gazans will be injured or killed but unless you have some secret information, note that Gazans voted for Hamas, just as Germans voted for the Nazis, who also ruled without consideration of their constituents and outside the rule of law.

Do you know of any other army, than the IDF that attempts to limit civilian casualties, that gives warning to have them seek a safe place before they bomb the terrorists? Do you not recognize the abominable behaviour of Hamas to use their own people as human shields, and do you not know they are killing their own who object to this war or try to leave Gaza? It is not Israel that is imposing the blockade but Hamas, which has stolen cement meant for housing and built an entire network of tunnels under Gaza. It is Hamas that has stolen the fuel intended for Gazan citizens and is using it to rain down terror on Israelis. It is Hamas that controls over 90% of the water supply, not Israel, and has allowed it to become polluted while at the same time, they have pulled up water pipes to make bombs.

If you truly want to help Palestinian Arabs then fight for their right to be free of Hamas, free also of the terrorist entity known as the Palestinian Authority which rewards Arabs for every Jew they kill. Stop your government from sending funds to pay for slay, to reward Hamas and Iran, call for Hamas to stop the attempted genocide against the only Jewish state.

Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

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