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CAEF Letter to London Review of Books re article by Pankaj Mishra promoting Holocaust inversion and soft Oct 7 denialism

Pankaj Mishra’s “The Shoah After Gaza” (March 21, 2024) is replete with lies, Holocaust inversion and antisemitism, and is totally unworthy of your publication.

Holocaust inversion is textbook antisemitism, as set forth by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance in a definition adopted by 43 countries, including the UK. Pankaj Mishra’s “The Shoah After Gaza” is a clear example of Holocaust inversion. Mishra’s appropriation of the Hebrew terminology for the Holocaust, “Shoah,” makes his Holocaust inversion even more appalling.

Israel is the victim having been forced into a war with the terrorist group Hamas after Hamas and many GAzan citizens carried out a massacre on October 7th. To deny this is blatant antisemitism. To suggest that murdering, decapitating, torture, sexual assault, rape and burning humans is ok and does not require a serious response is ludicrous and malicious. If the same had occured in the US, it would have meant over 35,000 murdered in one day; that is what the murder of 1200 Israelis means in proportion to the US population.

Hamas has used human shields, including children, it controls every aspect of Gazan life and all institutions including UNRWA which trains kids to kill. There is NO genocide taking place and no other army has ever, in the history of warfare, provided as much humanitarian aid as has the IDF for Gazans. The civilians suffer from Hamas stealing the aid, often killing those who try to get to it, using hospitals for weapons depots, holding all the donor funds as a war chest rather than building an economy and infrastructure for peace and of course their plan to eradicate all Jews, as spelled out in their charter, should be of more concern to the terror loving Mishra who suggests some concern for Palestinians, but of course is only demonstrating hate for Jews.

The publication of lies and Holocaust inversion while ignoring facts on the ground, the savagery of Oct 7th, the existing ceasefire of Oct 6th destroyed by Hamas  and the uncivil barbaric treatment of Gazans by Hamas, render you complicit in antisemitism and the terror now being experienced by Jews in your own streets.

End Jew Hatred!

Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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