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CAEF Letter to Marit Stiles re concern about ongoing presence of Sara Jama in Ontario parliament

Dear Ms. Stiles,

Please seriously consider the concerns of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation and the entire Jewish community about the continued presence in government of an MPP that stands against Israel, with terrorist organizations and denies the history and legitimacy of the Jewish state.

That Ms Jama issued weak apology does not negate the fact she holds antisemitic views and is unfit to serve as a member of the parliament, and continues to cause great distress to the Jews in Ontario. Ms Jama did not take down her original postings which were an a damaging indictment of Israel, the only democracy and rule of law country in the Middle East and one driven to war by a terrorist marauding bandit of Islamists who committed war crimes against innocent civilians.

We expect much better from all MPPs, regardless of party affiliation.


Andria Spindel

Executive Director


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