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CAEF Letter to Mayor Tory and Council, May 6 2022

Mayor John Tory and Council

City Hall

100 Queen’s St West, Toronto M5H2N2

Dear Mayor Tory and Toronto City Council,

The Austrian and German federal parliaments declared BDS an antisemitic movment that resembles the Nazi boycott of German Jewish businesses during the 1930s. Calls for an intifada made on the streets of Toronto are reminiscent of the degradation and humiliation experienced by Jews in every German city before and during the Holocaust. The “intifada” is a terrorist enterprise to kill Jews.

Blaming Israel for the suffering of Palestinian Arabs when it is their own leadership that keeps them from enjoying peace, security, and good government is akin to every antisemitic trope the Jewish people have ever experienced—lies, and more lies.

Throughout Ramadan, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas called for the murder of Jews. When the IDF protects Jews, the Muslim leadership abroad and some here claim the Jews are using force and hurtingArabs. The fact that the Arabs, under direct orders from their Islamist leaders, stored rocks and incendiary devices in the Al Aqsa mosqe and hurled them at innocent Isralis, including those praying below at the Western Wall, is despicable provocation.

There is no genocide of Arabs; the population has grown substantially and has full rights within Israel and more mosques have been built under Jewish sovereignty than under the former illegal Jordanian regime that ruled for 19 years, neglected the Al Aqsa mosque and destroyed every synagogue in Judea and Samaria, and ethnically cleansed the ancient Jewish homeland of Jews!! Israel has never done any ethnic cleansing and with Islamists in the Knesset and in every aspect of life, it cannot be called an apartheid state. Apartheid exists in full view within Gaza, and the disputed territories under the PA.

Calling for an intifada as we heard on the streets on April 30th is a call for genocide—it is a murderous terrorist message and it must be condemned!

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation obtained a video of the street during the march and then the assembly of anti-Israel protesters, and we will be sharing this video with media. We appreciate that there was a heavy presence of Toronto Police and no untoward incidents, and yet we feel the law was broken.

The protest organization did not have a permit. The organization should therefore pay for the extra Toronto Police support provided, the clean up of the grounds they covered, and we suggest that several individuals be investigated for charges of incitement to hatred and violence. It is not a coded message when Islamists call for “Palestine to be free, from the river to the sea,” but a call for the eradication of Israel. It is not a coded message when there are screams, “Intifada, intifada,” but a call to kill Jews. It is not a coded message when lies are probagated against Jews, in this case the entire Jewish nation, with false claims about apartheid, ethnic cleansing, killing children, destroying the Muslim holy sites. These are just new tropes that mask the old ones about Jews poisoning wells, using human blood in their matzah and spreading the Black plague. It ended every time with pogroms, inquistions, mass murders and then a Holocaust.

Take steps now to stop the Jew hated. Take steps now to stop the next big antiZionist protest, scheduled for May 15thwhich will again spread fallacious horrible lies about Israel and the Jewish people. Israel is a multifaith country where all religions are respected, all genders and sexual orientations, people of all races and creeds have equal rights. This is NOT true under the undemocratic terrorist regimes of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

Where do you stand?

Rhetoric is not enough. End Jew Hatred and end it NOW!


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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