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CAEF Letter to NYTimes: The NYT does not get to decide what is holy to the Jews

Dear Editors;

It is shocking that you employ journalists who are so uninformed, misinformed, intentionally lying, playing politics or holding genocidal views towards the Jewish people. None of it is very good for your brand, which seems to be in great decline since truth escapes your pages.

If in 2023, a writer does not know that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which held the Holiest Temple in Jewish history, is the holiest place for Jews, then why in the world do you allow that person to report on anything about Jews or Israel?

History confirms that the Temple was twice destroyed but the Jews did not abandon the site, even after it was conquered by Arabs and a mosque erected. The mosque itself, built after the death of the Islamic prophet Mohammad is not the third holiest site for Muslims or wasn't until the propaganda for such a claim began in 1967 with the liberation and reclaiming of Jewish sovereign lands. Jordan held the site for 19 years and made no such claim, nor did they do any renewal or development there or in any part of the illegally 'occupied lands' which they essentially stole from the Jewish people.

Now that the propaganda from the Palestinian Arabs is well entrenched, your journalists need do no research and are free to repeat, and reoffend every intelligent, educated individual who savours truth. You insult Israel, pretty frequently, but surely something as simple as knowing what is holy to an ancient people, isn't a trick question, doesn't require a PhD in aerospace, nor in theology. Just try Mr. Google.

"The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism. According to Jewish tradition and scripture, the First Temple was built by King Solomon, the son of King David, in 957 BCE, and was destroyed by the Neo-Babylonian Empire, together with Jerusalem, in 587 BCE."


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director


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