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CAEF Letter to Ottawa Citizen re Shut down CUPE "teach-in" hate-fest at Carleton University

November 14, 2023

Dear Editor,

CUPE 4600 is planning to utilize Carleton University facilities, physical and virtual, to sow Jew hatred, degrade Canadian support for Israel, and spread lies about the Jewish nation of Israel. From its poster, one can see the “teach-in” might lead to malicious acts of harm and intimidation of Jewish students and the wider Jewish community.

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation urges the President of Carleton U to immediately take steps to shut down and disavow this November 17th hate fest that erroneously and malevolently claims Israel is committing “genocide,” that “Palestine” is “occupied,” and that Canada is part of an "imperialist war machine". Truth defies this union.

Hamas is a barbaric terrorist entity that massacred over 1200 people including Arab Muslims. Israel left Gaza in 2005, which has been “occupied” by Hamas since 2007. Hamas has ripped it of freedom, of peace, of a future, and left Gaza underdeveloped. Israel is a legal country, a nation among other nations, following international rules of war. Hamas is lawless. CUPE 4600 seems to support lawlessness, disinformation and Jew hatred.

Any calls for Israel to stop eliminating Hamas terrorists is a call to weaken Israel and subject Israelis to more attacks, to allow Hamas to regroup and to risk more lives of both Jews and Arabs. The ultimate goal is to free Gaza from Hamas and that serves all of the western world.


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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