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CAEF Letter to PM Justin Trudeau and Minister Garneau re: UNWRA Funding and UAE

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Garneau;

The UAE has recognized that funding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) contributes to an “education” that urges destruction of Israel and genocide of its Jewish population. The UAE announced last week that it has cut funding to UNRWA, so now it is time for Canada to also cut all funding of this terror-inciting organization. There can be no funding of an organization that specifically “educates” 250,000 children to eradicate another country, kill its people and celebrate the massacre.

The curriculum used by UNRWA is provided by and also used in the Palestinian Authority run schools. Canada must not support either organization, and foment more antisemitism across the Middle East. Do not believe the UNRWA claims that they sanitized their texts of Jew hatred; it is a lie. The evidence of our assertion is well documented and supported by reputable organizations: here and here.

Information about the content of UNRWA sponsored material has been shared with UN Secretary General Gutteres. Now please share it with your senior international policy advisors, department staff and all NGOs that transfer funds to UNRWA. UNRWA claims to be entirely volunteer funded, and Canada is a very significant donor country.

Stop funding Jew hatred, antisemitism, and incitement to kill Jews!!! That Canada continues to fund an organization with a long history of bigotry, defamation, antisemitism, Jew hatred, and the desire to kill Jews is hardly news. Canada has claimed to be doing an investigation when the evidence has already been presented.

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation urges the government of Canada to also ask President Biden not to re-establish funding of UNRWA, the leading organization in preparing generations of Arabs to hate Jews. There are no UNRWA school books in the entire JK-graduation years that are not terrorist oriented, as is their teacher training material. Canada must speak up and withhold funding.

Canada has declared support for the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism and now we demand accountability. Which of the recommendations made in May 2020 have been implemented by UNRWA, and will Canada withhold funds until these are all implemented?

It is imperative that your Government show integrity, and consistency and demonstrate support for the IHRA with more than words. Do NOT continue to fund a dangerous, antisemitic, terror-inciting “educational” system. Do NOT make the excuse that Canadian funding is going to something other than “education”. The organization has texts that make the Nazi era books look mild and those are the words of David Bedein, Founder and Director of the Center for Near East Policy Research, who has studied the matter intensely. Kindergarten children to grade 3 are singing a song about exterminating the Jews. The message is that their goal is to kill Jews. Where is your conscience, your moral guide?

CAEF will not be pleased to receive the usual form letter acknowledging receipt of this letter and redirecting it to a clerk or another department. Mr. Prime Minister, you are responsible for the policies of this government and funding UNRWA makes you complicit in calling for the murder of Jews. End Jew Hatred NOW!


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

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