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CAEF Letter to President Kevin Hall

July 16, 2021

Kevin Hall,

President and Vice-Chancellor

University of Victoria

Victoria, BC

Dear President Hall,

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation has become aware of the grossly inappropriate assignment of Dr. Shamma Boyarin to teach a course on antisemitism. On viewing the some postings by Dr. Boyrain, and his actions in the community that support the destrution of the only democratic country in the Middle East and North Africa, an ally of Canada, we conclude they are good examples of antisemitism as defined by the Internationsl Holocuast Remembrance Alliance.

It is unacceptable to have a teacher who infers hatred for any people, and denies the legitimacy of the only Jewish state. Would you want your children to learn from an educator who expresses a loathsome animonosity for any people’s faith, race, gender, nationality, or other characteristic?

We have careafully reviewed all of the material supplied by the Jews for Justice/Justice for Jews community group in Victoria, and determined that Dr. Boyarin is spreading lies, bigotry, disinformation, and using ancient tropes against Israel that in past eras were used to defame Jews. Such vitriol is now leading to attacks, harrassement, property destruction, vilification, and isolation of Jews in communities around the world and in Canada. Calling for the end of Israel is calling for another genocide agains the nation of the Jews, so are you prepared to “tolerate the intolerable?” Silence is complicity.

Antisemitism is on the rise in Canada and globally and it’s well documented that much of it is fed by the extreme left, academics and administrators not taken seriously the need to teach truth.

CAEF urges that you immediately cancel the course offering by Dr. Boyarin or find a suitable informed, educator who understands how to create civil discourse,eliminate bigotry,support all studentsequally free from harrassment, and most definitely matches the expertise required to teach this specificcourse.Dr. Boyarin is an expert at antisemitic lies so a very poor choice to teach how to eliminate antisemitism.


Andria Spindel


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