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CAEF letter to the PM Trudeau, Bob Rae, Irwin Cotler and Marc Garneau

April 30, 2021

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Ambassador Bob Rae

Special Envoy Irwin Cotler

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marc Garneau

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and key Representatives of Canada;

This matter is urgent; hence I write to you all at one time. Combatting antisemitism, and antZionism must be a common concern with a united strategy by your respective mandates.

The Jewish community as a whole is affected by irrational, unjust, discriminatory claims against the Jewish people, the Jewish religion, history and the state of Israel. In as much as Canada has endorsed the IHRA definition of antisemitism, it must now be a champion for the world to see, and honour the definition in application.

We note that the UN will once again host a so-called antiracist conference, that proactively promotes racism, equates Zionism with racism and thus denigrates the state of Israel, the entire 5000 year history of the Jews, and spreads lies and disinformation that then endangers a people world-wide. This must stop! Durban I, II and III were a travesty for the free world having been expropriated by Jew haters. Durban IV will be no better as we see the original untenable declaration being merely dusted off and re-presented. It is disgusting. Canada stood almost alone in admonishing the first conference, boycotted the next two and voted against the UN holding a 4th.

DO NOT be persuaded by the “madding crowd” to endorse this fiasco, do not participate in Durban IV. DO NOT concede to Jew hatred.


Andria Spindel

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