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CAEF presents "Systemic Antisemitism at the United Nations", with Dina Rovner and Dr. Joan Lurie

Dina Rovner is the Legal Advisor for UN Watch. She is responsible for maintaining the UN Watch database, a powerful digital advocacy tool that is already revolutionizing how activists and ordinary citizens around the world monitor the UN and combat anti-Israel bias.

Dina Rovner appears at the UN, researches and writes legal briefs, UN submissions, and reports on human rights and the UN's bias against Israel. Recent publications UNRWA Hate Starts Here: How UNRWA Teachers Indoctrinate Palestinian Children and Promote Terrorism and Antisemitism; Agenda Item 7: Country Claims and UN Watch Responses; and Who Guards the Guardians? Evaluation of UNHRC Candidates For 2024-2026.

Prior to joining UN Watch, Ms. Rovner worked for five years as a lawyer for Shurat HaDin, representing victims of terrorism in lawsuits against State Sponsors of Terrorism and other defendants in U.S. courts. Joan Lurie, along with four colleagues, has represented the International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW) at the United Nations in New York as an NGO for more than 15 years. As a UN representative,

Joan is a member of the Executive Committee of ICJW and interacts with other members from 33 countries including representatives at the UN in Geneva, Paris and Vienna. She also represents ICJW on the Board of the American Section of World Jewish Congress and is active in Israeli and Jewish affairs in New York, in Israel and at the UN.

Joan is currently co-chair of the caucus of Jewish NGOs (JNGOs) at the UN in New York. She became aware that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) education and summer camp programs for half a million Palestinian Arab children have consistently incited students to murder and martyrdom, and supported the “Right of Return”, and through the caucus has been involved in a project entitled, UNRWA Stop Teaching Hate with the goal of reforming the education presently delivered by UNRWA to Palestinian children. Joan has co-authored several papers and regularly lectures on the subject.

Joan has a doctorate in physics and spent much of her career observing the earth from satellites. As a lifelong Zionist, Joan is passionate about the need for peace in the Middle East.


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