CAEF Weekly Bulletin - June 17, 2019


On May 15th, 2019 I read this heart-wrenching plea from an Israeli whose father was murdered for no reason other than his being Jewish and in the homeland of the Jewish people. Micah Lakin Avni asks of the Palestinian leadership: “Why are you paying millions of dollars to the terrorist who murdered my dad? Can’t you find a better use for that money?”

Micah tells us the terrorist murderer will receive two million dollars for this crime. How does the PA justify its pay to slay policy? How does the world ignore it? Why doesn’t the UN condemn it? Why has Canada said nothing other than the current government’s claim that Canadian funds help Arab Palestinians and are effectively monitored? Do we send funds to offset programs that the Arab leaders choose not to fund so they can redirect their taxation funding to paying for the murder of Jews? Really??

The story moved me to think of all the hatred directed today at Jews and at Israel, from Holocaust denial, to claims of undue political influence, to media control, to the even ludicrous claim that Jews control the weather or Israel has sent sharks to the coast of Egypt. It may be that everyone has heard the concept of antisemitism but is it really understood as the evil that it is or is it now just a fact of life, something that Jews must expect in every generation and in every country?

To help people recognize antisemitism I began a personal list, which I share below. I am inviting readers to send in their examples, from experience, from reading, from history, and from current affairs. I will keep the list and share it again in the near future.

  • Antisemitism is suggesting that violence is called for against the Israeli people because they don’t have the right to a Jewish homeland in Israel.

  • Antisemitism is rewarding Arabs for killing Jews.

  • Antisemitism is stating lies about Israel.

  • Antisemitism is calling for cultural and commercial boycotts of Israel.

  • Antisemitism is giving biased media attention to perpetrators of anti-Israel lies and distortions, and then claiming  an unjust abuse, but never asking Israel for the facts of a situation. For example, did any media note that one Arab Palestinian was denied a US visa because he was a sponsor of sponsor, or did all report that he was discriminated against only because the US government supports Israel’s accusations?

  • Antisemitism is judging Israel by a different standard than any other enmity. 

  • Antisemitism is an athlete refusing to shake hands with an Israeli athlete in a fair competition.

  • Antisemitism is raising the Nazi salute then continuing to do so after its true meaning is explained.

  • Antisemitism is denying the implications of antisemitism while stating that Islamophobia is an equivalent prejudice.

  • Antisemitism is accusing Jews, Judaism or Israel for all manner of natural and man-made disasters. 

  • Antisemitism is denying rights to Jews, setting quotas on Jewish participation when none apply to any other people.

  • Antisemitism is denying only Israel the right to name its own capital city.

  • Antisemitism is reporting false information, ignoring or distorting the facts in order to hold Israel responsible for the attacks on its enemies.

  • Antisemitism is promoting BDS, a campaign for which the only real intent is the elimination of the only Jewish state in the world.

  • Antisemitism is supporting Jew haters, slanderers and attackers and excusing their behaviour as the result of personal trouble, as misunderstood, or as a response to a Jewish behavior, or suggesting it is anything less than deplorable.

  • Antisemitism is interference in the democratic choices of Israelis when no such action would be tolerated by any other country.

  • Antisemitism is claiming that Israel does humanitarian projects, celebrates LGBTQ rights and achievements, greens the earth, provides jobs for Arabs, all as an effort to create good PR. (And it fails to get good PR no matter who good Israel does for humanity)

  • Antisemitism is in demanding Israel move successful businesses that employ both Arabs and Jews out of Jewish historic lands so that fraudulent Arab leaders can claim a victory in disturbing the peace, in removing Jews, and in segregating our peoples. Then when Arabs no longer have decent jobs, the Arab leadership can whine and complain that they have economic hardships, and blame Israel.

  • Antisemitism is blaming Israel for retaliating in a defensive war.

  • Antisemitism is judging Israel as an aggressor when fewer Jews die than Muslims when Arabs attack Israel.

  • Antisemitism is killing Jews randomly around the world for the hatred and bigotry that Anti-Zionist feel against Israel.

  • Antisemitism is Anti-Zionism.