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Canada’s Inept Foreign Policy Enables Terrorism | CAEF Bulletin, March 20, 2024

March 18, 2024 the day of disgrace

After hours of debate, the Canadian Government passed an NDP motion Canada's actions to promote peace in the Middle East. No matter how you spin it, even after amendments were introduced by the Liberals, the motion rewards terrorists while turning Canada’s back on its only true ally in the Middle East.

All Conservative Members voted no. Only three Liberal members -- Anthony Housefather, Ben Carr and Marco Mendicino – and one Independent Kevin Vuong voted against the amended motion, while the majority of Liberals, the Green Party and the Bloc Quebecois supported the NDP. CAEF applauds those that showed the moral clarity to stand against this ill-conceived motion and the last minute deal.

The original wording of the motion tabled by the NDP, which included unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state contrary to federal policies, put the Jewish community into high gear to call for its complete rejection. At the last moment, the Liberals proposed amendments to waterdown that particular provision and others. Nonetheless, the motion as passed has many disturbing elements including the call for a ceasefire, a complete arms embargo and the reinstating of funding for the Hamas infilitrated UNRWA. It also still contains fallacious assumptions based on unverified Hamas fed information regarding the number of deaths in Gaza. The focus on so named extremist settlers while not calling for an end to extremist violence by Arabs in Judea and Samaria shows the misplaced attempt at balance.

The original NDP motion can be read here

Judging from reactions pouring in across the country from the grassroots to the senior leadership, this is being experienced as  a giant slap in the face of the entire community. Good and evil have been inverted with the moral equivalences the government tried to set in stone. Adding fuel to the fire was the five or so Mps standing to vote while wrapped in kaffiyahs and raising fists of victory.

Just one day after the vote, Minister of Foreign Affiars, the Honorable Melanie Joly, confirmed that Canada would ban all arms exports. Minister of International Development Ahmed Hussein had already announced that funding of UNRWA before investigating the disturbing evidence of terrorist infiltration and the documented hate being taught to the next generation. The October 7 brutal attack was the stepchild of generational hate taught from cradle to grave by Hamas, UNRWA and the Palestinian Authority.

October 7 also made it clear why the Jewish state of Israel will never be able to live in peace and security until the threats Hamas poses is eliminated and deep reform of the Palestinian institutions take place. Any call for a peace process and creation of a Palestinian state is at best premature until this happens.

In the end the motion, even though non-binding, rewards terrorism, isolates the Jewish democratic state of Israel and negates concerns of the Canadian Jewish community, potentially increasing levels of antisemitic attacks in Canada.

Let us be clear, the motion was driven by antizionism, a contemporary troubling manifestation of antisemitism. As amended, the motion lays the burden on Israel and fails to focus on the need to strangle the reach of terrorism. It sides with misogynistic terrorists who used rape and violence as their weapons of war. No other liberal democracy in the world would be subject to such hate by Canada’s elected officials. Contrasting the support for Ukraine puts the situation into stark focus. 204 members of Canada from our Prime Minister down have brought shame to Canada and weakened our very democracy.

While discouraged, we will continue to build Jewish pride, demand action against antizionism across party lines, pressure Canada to do their part to seek the release of the hostages and call for the de-funding of UNRWA.   Allies are welcome to join us in the fight of our times.

Kudos, Thanks, Toda Raba to Hon. Melissa Lantsman, MP Thornhill, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada    

Watch, listen to Lantsman’s logic calling out the shameful NDP motion in the House of Commons.

Thanks to Anthony Housefather, Liberal MP for Mount Royal, for his impassioned speech in response to the NDP's anti-Israel Motion


Take Steps to Stop Intimidation and Protests at Jewish Sites

Support this request from the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA). Call on the Ontario government to take urgent action, to stop the ongoing targeting of Jewish institutions. Families entering a synagogue or JCC should never have to face vicious, hateful crowds. UJA is calling on the Government of Ontario to pass a law restricting protests from taking place in close proximity to community institutions—be they houses of worship, community centres, schools, or hospitals.

CAEF presented a proposal to Hon. Michael Kerzner, Solicitor General of Ontario, the minister responsible for public safety, to pass legislation that protects Jewish institutions and businesses and all places of faith, by restricting protesters to maintain a significant distance from such establishments. Today UJA proposes expressing this idea to the Ontario Attorney General. CAEF supports this measure.

If you agree, please join in emailing Ontario’s Attorney General and Solicitor General to ask for this important legislation.

Hon. Michael Kerzner

Hon. Doug Downey

News Flash! Vaughn Mayor Steven Del Duca is calling on the city to approve a bylaw that would prohibit protests outside places of worship, schools, and child-care facilities that “incite hatred, intolerance and violence.” Fines could be up to $100,000.


Is Reform of UNRWA Possible?

Read Michael Rubin in Washington Examiner of March 4th, 2024 on rot in UNRWA: “Not only did the UNRWA allow Hamas command posts under local hospitals and the UNRWA’s own headquarters, but UNRWA employees hid weaponry in their homes and then reportedly participated in the Oct. 7 kidnappings in Israel. Some employees held Israeli civilians hostage in the aftermath of the mass kidnapping. Israel alleges that 10% of UNRWA employees are Hamas members, a figure that, if anything, seems low.”

Read report by Dr. Arnon  Groiss for Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research, published May 20223: Does UNRWA Educational System Prepare the Palestinian Children and Youth for a War against the Jews?


DEI is Inherently Racist and Antisemitic

Consider that the Woke Ideology colours many journalistic reports and you will understand the inherent bias which is evident amongst many reporting on Israel.  In a thorough unveiling of the duplicity of antisemitism—such as saying “Believe all Women,” and then denying the truth from Jewish women who were raped and tortured by Hamas, taken to Gaza and continued to be abused--you have what Jonathan Tobin states, ”conclusively demonstrates the connection between the new leftist ideological orthodoxies that dominate academia and popular culture—and the crudest sort of Jew-hatred.”

Read complete article in JNS, March 6, 2024

Chair Owens Delivers Opening Remarks at Hearing Exposing Hypocrisy and Divisiveness of DEI Initiatives

On March 7, 2024, the Chair of the Higher Education and Workforce Development Subcommittee, Chairman Burgess Owens (R-UT) delivered the following statement, at a hearing titled, "Divisive, Excessive, Ineffective: The Real Impact of DEI on College Campuses":

     "Today’s hearing addresses a long-growing cancer that resides at the heart of American academic institutions. Unfortunately, it has spread through our foundational institutions and the whole of Western liberal society. It’s called 'diversity, equity, and inclusion' or DEI for short.

     "Most Americans over the last two to three years have heard the term DEI but may not know exactly what it is.

     "There’s no better way to describe it than with a quote from one of DEI’s most famous proponents, Ibram X. Kendi:

     “'The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.'

      "I can summarize this definition with two words: demeaning, racist.

     "Demeaning due to its total lack of intellectual or moral 'common sense.' Racist because anyone who accepts this irrational mindset is guaranteed to become a bigot.

Owens notes the following:  "To my Jewish friends, if you wonder about the surprising outgrowth of antisemitism now raging on our college campuses, this is the genesis. (Ed. bolded) DEI teaches that at the very top of the oppressor pyramid is the Jewish race. There is no empathy in the DEI space once identified as an oppressor, only disdain.


From Larry Greenberg:

Rabbi Tarfon taught: "It is not your responsibility to finish the work, but you are not free to desist from it either" (Pirke Avot- 2:16). 


Quranic Scriptures on the Jews

Stephen B. Young, on March 2, 2024 posted this on his website, Real Clear History

The God of the Quran in revealing to his Prophet Muhammad Surah 5, Al-Ma’idah, ratified the covenants which 1) Yahweh of the Hebrew Scriptures had made with Abraham that his descendants by his son Isaac would be a great people and 2) through his chosen agent Moses with the Children of Israel that they would live in the “Holy Land”. Verses 20 and 21 of the Surah confirm for the God of Muhammad that:“… Moses said to his people, “O my people, remember God’s blessings upon you, when He placed prophets among you, and made you kings, and gave you what He never gave any other people.”


Recommended Reading

Bernard Henri-Levi in Tablet Magazine, on the War in Gaza

Daniel Greenfield for Front Page, fills in the gap—why Chuck Schumer calls for Israel to lose the War, and reward terrorists: Look at his rabbi.

Itmar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch, reports in Algemeiner, March 5, 2024, on payments by PA to jailed terrorists increased significantly after Oct 7, but the PA doesn’t pay for hospital care for its “citizens.”

Dara Horn provides excellent article in The Atlantic, February 15, 2024 to explain growing antisemitism. 

Dave Gordon writes about new Canadian anti-kosher slaughtering laws.

This issue now faces Jews in Canada and must be addressed as it challenges freedom of religion, restricting Jewish access to kosher meat. Read more here

Warren Kinsella, Toronto Sun, on behaviour of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Miniser of Mental Health, visiting a known antisemite who rewards terrorism.

The Palestinian Symbol of Bloodlust was worn by Oscar celebrities—read the article in

What is the Meaning of the Red Hand, and why was it worn at the Oscars, and by Joly and Saks in Israel?


Recommended Watching

Bassam Eid, Palestinian Arab journalist, commentator, on the truth about Israel-Gaza war.

Pulse of Israel, on The un-holy month of Ramadan, when Islamists kill Jews

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) considers, “Free Our Hostages”, as a political statement, and serves a “card” on hoodie wearing Jews. Watch now

Watch the Son of Hamas, giving a raging message to “free Palestine mob.”

Watch updated version of the Israeli national anthem.

Watch 1000 Israeli musicians perform together, with message Bring Them Home Now.

Watch CAEF co-sponsored webinar, The Igbos (Jews of Africa) Antisemitism and Genocide, featuring Remy Ilona, lawyer, PhD candidate, history and religious scholar.


Sign the DEFEND DAVIDAI petition

From a committee of Jews at Columbia: “We urge fellow college students, faculty, parents, alumni, and concerned community members everywhere to join us in signing this petition in support of Professor Shai Davidai and the broader Jewish community at Columbia University. Together, we can send a powerful message that antisemitism will not be tolerated on our campuses and that the voices of Jewish students and faculty must be heard and respected – and never silenced.”

Professor Davidai has issued a statement, you can read it here.


Small Success in Shutting Down Hatred and Antisemitism

Through a quick intervention by CAEF and a legal organization, Zoom cancelled use of their platform for the scheduled presentations of two women associated with terrorism, Palestinian Arab Leila Khaled and Philippine Coni Ledesma. Scheduled to speak at the “Women in Defence of People’s Struggle” webinar, at the last minute the event organizers found another platform to give the Canadian audience access to hate and lies, bigotry and terrorism, all dressed up as “revolutionary struggle.”  

Organizers sent out the following message after the event:

Unfortunately, we experienced some technical difficulties that prevented a smooth start to the event. A statement about what happened follows at the end of this email. It is also available on Facebook and Instagram, and can be reshared.”

“We regret that not everyone who registered was able to access the new Zoom link, after the original link was suspended by Zoom.”

Unfortunately an alternate platform was utilized and these talks were recorded and ultimately shared, bringing hatred and disinformation to the mass that wishes to destroy western values and demonize Israel. 


Learn from UK

Melanie Phillips British journalist, political commentator and activist has written that the British PM is missing some cues as to what is threatening Britons’ way of life. Her examples include: flying a Palestinian flag on a municipal lamp-post, east London George Galloway’s election in Rochdale (he is in her terms,  the dishonourable member for Gaza);  Nick Griffin, the former leader of the far-right British National Party, exaltedly claiming that Galloway would be “an eloquent voice” against “Zionist ethnic cleansing”.

Phillips reported that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak “denounced Galloway’s victory as ‘beyond horrifying’, condemned the Gaza protests and warned of an ‘alliance between Islamists and the far-right’ spreading the ‘poison of extremism’. However, Phillips notes that while this is indeed a crisis, the real threat is the alliance between Islamists and the far left.  In her Substack of March 10th 2024, Phillips details the threat, the actions taken and those not taken. Canadian Jews can learn much and act now, not later, as we see things that threaten our community are already escalating.


Advocacy and Action

Richard Sherman's letter to the New York Post on the bloody red hand pins worn at the Oscars.

CAEF letter to PM Trudeau and Ministers Joly and Hussen re decision to continue funding UNRWA and thus funding terrorism.

CAEF letter to NDP MPs calling on them to reject the motion proposed against Israel.

CAEF letter to Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the NDP re motion to recognize Palestine and change relations with Israel.

CAEF letter to Marco Mendicino, MP re summary of a meeting with CAEF representatives.

Richard Sherman’s letter to the editor of the New Jersey Star-Ledger, re History and International Law Supports Israel.

Letter from Larry Shapiro to Editor, Toronto Star, re post-Oscar article by Shree Paradkar, dehumanizing Jews.

On March 18th, a group of Jewish activists stood outside the headquarters of Doctors Without Borders, Medicine Sans Frontier, holding photos of the hostage in Gaza, calling attention to the bias of an NGO that is serving people in Gaza and has never acknowledged the murderous invasion and massacre of Israelis by Hamas. Organized by Gdalit Neuman, this was a silent vigil.


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