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Chag Purim Sameach, Happy Purim! | CAEF Special Bulletin March 21, 2024

Image by Freepik

CAEF sends hearty wishes for a joyful Purim to all our Jewish friends. We wish an easy fast to those observing Ta'anit Esther.

We cannot wait for the next Mordechai and Esther to save our people.  Let us continue to stand together with the people of Israel in this time of stress and anxiety. Rising antisemitism requires all of us to stand strong with Jewish pride as we support Israel and the Jewish diaspora.

We thank our allies for their consistent and loving support for the Jewish people and Israel.

CAEF continues to call on Canada and the International community to support Israel’s goal to “Bring Them Home”, and is collaborating with grassroots organizations and our established Jewish NGOs, to demand the release of all hostages, the surrender of Hamas, the IDF’s success in vanquishing Hamas now and forever, and achieving lasting peace.

CAEF continues to call out the Jew haters whose chants, threats, lies and bigotry will not bring the Jewish people down, will not isolate our Jewish communities. We stand for freedom, democracy, justice and the end of Jew hatred.

For 87 years many Arab leaders have made clear by their words, enabling documents and actions – the latest being Oct. 7, 2023, which included hundreds of Hamas’ Gazan civilians willing executioners – that they have no interest in a two-state solution unless all the land is judenrein.

The Arabs have rejected a two state solution in 1937, 1947, 1948, 1967, 1994, 2000, 2008, 2019 and 2020.

Article 7 of the Hamas Charter which has never been revoked requires all the supporters of Hamas – which includes many students and professors on American campuses – to murder every Jew on earth. The enabling document of the Palestinian Authority is the 1964 PLO Charter which requires all the supporters of the Palestinian Authority to murder every Jew in Israel. Those annihilation of the Jews clauses have never been revoked as per Article 33 of the PLO Charter.

While the Arabs have been rejecting endless two-state solutions, they have also been murdering over 35,000 Jews.

There is only one message on the Middle East Media Research Institute website which focuses on what Palestinian Arab leaders say directly to the Arab population: “wipe out Israel”.

The bottom line is that Israel is as bereft of a partner for a two-state solution today as German Jews after January 1933 were bereft of a partner for peaceful coexistence in Germany.



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