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Chag Sameach, Israeli Flag waving over Toronto City Hall

CAEF was pleased to be among guests representing many Jewish organizations as Mayor John Tory, Councillors James Pasternak and Mike Colle, Israeli Consul General Idit Shamir and others raised the Israeli flag to the singing of Hatikvah at City Hall, celebrating Yom Ha'azmaut and paying tribute to Israel and the Jewish community of Toronto.

A short photo gallery is available here. And a video of Hatikvah and the raising of the Israeli flag is available below.


CAEF is pleased to share information about upcoming programs, some that we are presenting and some that we are co-sponsoring. We value our promotional partners who share our information and in turn, we promote their programs.

There are a range of interesting and important programs so enjoy any or all.


May 10th, European Lawyers for Israel presents, The New Middle East, The Untold Story, 1:00pm EDT


May 10th, Israel Defense and Security Forum presents


May 12th, Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation presents, Fighting the BDS War in the Entertainment Industry, 2:00pm EDT


May 15th, 9 organizations proudly present, Growing Up Jewish and Sephardic in Zimbabwe, 7:00pm EDT


May 25th, join Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation for the Annual Advocate Award of Excellence Program and presentation, 2:00pm EDT (Hold the Date)


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