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Commemorating San Remo 1920, Celebrating Independence Day - CAEF Bulletin April 28, 2020

Chag Sameach: Happy Yom Ha’atzmaut!

Marking the 100th anniversary of one of the foundational events in the re-establishment of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people, the San Remo Conference, was the online conference produced by Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights, a project of CAEF, and Im Tirtzu, a leading Israeli NGO. On April 26th, 2020, a series of expert presentations were offered throughout the day, providing historical, legal and political facts regarding the world’s commitment to the Jews.

Featured English speakers included: Professor Avi Bell, Author Caroline Glick, Professor Eugene Kontorovich, former MK Yehuda Glick, and Hebron Spokesperson Yishai Fleisher, and Hebrew speakers included: Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Ambassador Danny Ayalon, Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Professor Talia Einhorn, and a special interview with CILR Co-Chairs, Goldi Steiner and Irving Weisdorf with Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu.

Special to the program was a series of political endorsements from elected and appointed officials, celebrating this historic truth, and acknowledging the enormous contribution made by CILR and its partner in working unflaggingly in promoting truth, debunking lies, exposing the global anti-Israel campaigns that distort facts and expropriate the Jewish narrative for egregious purposes.

Viewed by over 80,000 Israelis and over 500 Canadians, this Conference was inspiring and educational. Its content must be promoted, so we urge you to share it. View and share.

Study the impact of San Remo and its relevance for Jewish life today, to the international standing of Israel, and to defending against antiZionist bigotry. Read this informative article by Efraim Karsh for the Middle East Forum

People Worldwide Celebrate San Remo 100

The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte writes: “Few peoples embody the concept of a national home and identity like the Jewish people. It expresses in the noblest sense the definition of nationhood by the great historian Joseph Ernest Renan. The strength of the Jewish nation lies precisely in its intrinsic capacity to remain firmly attached to its origins and its history, even if painful, while at the same time it has created an open and dynamic society, fully projected into the future.”

More information about the significant San Remo celebration was presented by a very important European Christian Zionist organization, the European Coalition for Israel (EC4I) is available here

CAEF Virtual Programs

Web Talk 3 featured Dr. Navras Aafreedi, presenting Holocaust Denial, Minimization, Inversion and Trivialization in South Asia. See the presentation including slides here.

CAEF had the pleasure of co-presenting a unique program, exploring the personal experience of Zionism, walking the land, in My Israel Trail with the author, media expert, Aryeh Green, moderated by Rabbi Zachary Goodman, available here

CAEF joined with Combat Antisemitism and many other charities in a remembrance program, A Year Since Poway: Lessons from the Synagogue Shooting, a memorial for Lori Gilbert-Kaye who was murdered in a terror attack, and an examination of antisemitism. Featured speakers included Elan Carr, US Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism and Ahmed Shaheed, UN Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Belief. View here.


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