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Correcting Media Bias About IDF Operation in Jenin

RE: Palestinians facing political stagnation, despair after raid

July 8, 2023

This article was typical of most mainstream media coverage on Israel; one sided, lacking relevant context and based on half truths. Israel’s response to genocidal terrorism is depicted as brutish random aggression, and Palestinians are portrayed as their helpless victims. No mention is made of the extreme care the IDF takes to prevent civilian casualties, while Palestinian terrorists aim to target civilians.

The raid on Jenin followed a lethal spate of terrorist attacks on Israel, especially in Judea and Samaria, (the “West Bank”) emanating from the Palestinian Authority administered city of Jenin. It came after an order came from the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, to escalate tensions and prepare for large scale conflict with Israel.

Jenin has long been an epicentre of terrorism, with Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad - both proxies of Iran - deeply entrenched in Jenin. Israel found bomb making laboratories, a homemade rocket launcher, explosives and huge weapon caches stockpiled in underground tunnels.

This distorted reporting has disastrous consequences on Jews everywhere. It actively promotes hatred of Israel and the Jews who support it. It fuels the rising tide of Jew hatred. Canadian coverage of the Gaza war two years ago, helped incite numerous Antisemitic incidents targeting the Jewish community.

Its high time journalists do the job they were trained for. Tell the unbiased truth which is based on facts not fiction.

Doris Epstein

Editor, End Jew Hatred Report


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