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Delusions and Illusions Don’t Make Peace | CAEF Bulletin, April 5, 2022

Who are the Fools that Believe the Lies?

It is April Fools' Day as this is written, but one ought not to be fooled by the misrepresentation of truth that we see often in the media, the lies perpetrated by international bodies like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, or Michael Lynk, a Canadian professor with the ignominious title, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territories occupied since 1967.

All of their work and reports have one thing in common, and it's not a dedication to human rights, but a dedication to antisemitism, and the desire to go to any measure, with any lie to eradicate the State of Israel. Why else fabricate stories of Israeli abuse of Arabs when the world can see the Arab population of Israel is wholly protected by civil rights, engaged in all facets of society, growing in size, practicing its religion freely, serving in government?

In Gaza and the Disputed Territories, Arabs govern themselves and duly elected terrorist regimes, probably at the risk of being terrorized if they didn't, but now those governments continue after almost two decades without an election. The Palestinian Arab population is subject to a constant deluge of misinformation, hatred of Jews, and calls to violence. Which Western government is asking that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority cease their violence?? NONE!

Canada and other democratic countries fund one of the sources that reinforces terrorism. They fund the UN Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, while not holding it accountable for disseminating hatred and antisemitism and teaching kids to kill. So, who are the fools?


Another Illusion—The Pro-Palestinian Movement is About Peace

Below is the headline of an article that appeared March 31st in Israel Unwired, and it should shock you. Why does it not shock our governments into action, banning the call for violence against Jews?


The article by Leah Rosenberg, is complete with photos that show the depth of Jew hatred that now exists and is allowed on the streets of a major American city.

“This is beyond sickening. This just proves how these people are true Jew-haters. Right after Israeli Arabs and “Palestinians” murdered 11 innocent people in just over a week in Beer Sheba, Hadera, and Bnei Brak/Ramat Gan, these New Yorkers took to the streets. To do what? Not to protest the murder of innocent people in Israel! But to call for genocide of Jews! To call for an intifada of Jews everywhere. Not even all the innocent lives taken were Jewish lives. The terrorists killed others as well.

When will people realize that none of this is about land? It’s not about peace. They don’t want to live peacefully with Jews. They want to MURDER Jews all over the world – in Israel and beyond. And the “Palestinians” and their supporters are not even trying to hide it. They are not even a little ashamed. Why else would people be okay marching through the streets of New York calling for the murder of an entire nation?”


The letter below is from Brig. Gen. Amir Avivi (ret), President of IDSF, advising everyone to realize that with the incentive to murder Israelis, rewards from the Palestinian Authority, the current round of attacks and murders will not end quickly.

This past week we have seen a significant escalation in terrorist attacks in Israel. Four people were killed in Beer Sheva, Two Israeli police officers were killed and four people were injured in Hadera, five people were killed in Bnei Brak, and a stabbing occurred on a bus in Gush Etzion.

With what is happening today in Israel, it feels like Oslo again. The idea of meeting with Mahmoud Abbas and meeting with the King of Jordan to solve our security issues is a mistake. Jordan has no influence over what happens in Israel and Abbas has little control over what is happening in many areas. The PA does not really control Jenin anymore, nor do they control Hebron, for example.

We must understand the bigger picture of what is really happening. There is a war across the State of Israel - Judea and Samaria, the Negev, the Galilee, mixed cities, Jerusalem. The terms that we have used in the past like the Green Line, and the groups we have blamed, like Hamas and ISIS, are irrelevant now. There is a concerted attempt to gain control of the Land of Israel, undermine personal security, and delegitimize the State."


The Big Illusion-Delusion—That Palestinian Arabs Want Peace

Daniel Greenfield is clear and concise in his analysis of the blame game, in which Anti-Zionists name Israel as having a stake in everything that happens in the world, manipulating every situation and being the source of all evil. This article, which appeared in JNS, March 31, 2022, makes it very clear that hating Israel isn't about the Palestinians, but about the goal of destroying Israel, the pet project of leftist ideologues who care not a whit about human rights, especially not for the Jews.

Barry Shaw, International public diplomacy director, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, writing for American Thinker, March 30, 2022 points out that Mahmud Abbas finally made a statement of sympathy for lost Israeli lives, creating the illusion he cares, but actually is only reinforcing a delusion desired by the US government, and others who keep pressing for an illusory peace, with more Israeli concessions. Abbas literally called for the violence.

Here are some specifics, documented by the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research:

“After the PA’s repeated calls for terror and the PA’s repeated support for terror, Arabs murder 11 people in 3 terror attacks in one week:

Sequence of events:

February: The PA, including Abbas, repeatedly calls for terror March 1- 21: PA glorifies terrorists who died in terror attacks March 22: Terrorist murders 4 in Be’er Sheva, PA openly praises him as “Martyr” March 27: Terrorist murders 2 in Hadera, PA is silent March 29: Terrorist murders 5 in Bnei Brak, Abbas forced to issue lame condemnation


Caring about Palestinians, a South African Illusion

Israel Unwired carried this story by Leah Rosenberg on March 28th, 2022 from South Africa which actually experienced apartheid, yet their hate for Israel negates truth, fouls the language and helps not a single Arab.



UN Appoints Investigator who compares Israel to Nazi Germany

Do not have any illusion that the UN has any moral compass, and that it stands for human rights and dignity, and peaceful co-existence. One can give up that wishful thinking and recognize that in almost all of its committees, its proceedings, its conferences, pronouncements and funding, it is the tyrants that dominate, and Israel is regularly trounced. As if it wasn't enough to appoint Navi Pillay to chair the Human Rights Council's Commission of Inquiry, which is an Inquisition bent on finding fault with Israel, the latest appointment of a known antisemite, is equally noxious. The appointment of Francesca Albanese is obscene but the post to which she is appointed is equally obnoxious, money-sucking, and with one purpose - to demonize Israel.

Albanese replaces Michael Lynk, as Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories, and as UN Watch points out: "The U.N. Human Rights Council is planning to violate its own impartiality rules by appointing a new investigator on Palestinian human rights who exults in calling Israel an "apartheid" state and repeatedly compares the Palestinian situation to the Nazi Holocaust."

Francesca Albanese, an Italian lawyer, worked in Jordan for UNRWA, so one might immediately suspect her of not being objective as UNRWA funds terrorism by educating Arab children to kill Israelis, and teaches that there is no country called Israel, that the Jewish people don"t have rights to their own country. However, Albanese is worse than a mere front man for UNRWA, her own social media posts and publications are evidence of a history of vilifying Israel; "Albanese has repeatedly equated the Palestinian Nakba with the Nazi Holocaust, accused Israel of apartheid, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes". She "has said Israel is "keeping captive millions of civilians."

Read UN Watch and see their full report.

It rally boggles the mind, or numbs the brain, but then these appointments aren’t meant to be fair, even-handed or just. The real purpose has always been to demonize and isolate Israel. Certainly all Arabs in the disputed territories are not evil, but increasingly they are being radicalized and these UN actions contribute. Today we see the spill over affecting Arab Israelis as well.


Adding Insult to Injury—the UN Says Remove Slide 43

As if all the injuries inflicted on Israel by the UN, as noted above, were not enough, but consistent with the bias and lies promoted by the UN, here is the latest. The UN has approved an exhibit by Israel celebrating the 70th anniversary of its parliamentary democracy, ONLY IF REFERENCE to JERUSALEM AS THE CAPITAL IS REMOVED. Keeping with the theme of this Bulletin - is this not a good April Fools' Joke? Is this not an illusion which will magically disappear after April first?

Apparently, the truth is much crazier than fiction: "Please erase slide 43: According to relevant General Assembly and Security Council decisions, the Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel, is not valid from our point of view," the UN was quoted as saying in its instructions.


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