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End Jew Hatred--Canadian Vision January 12, 2020

Strategic Plan

Canadian Vision:

A country without Jew Hatred. Mission:

Build a Canadian Jewish civil rights & social justice movement. Objectives:

Eliminate Jew Hatred in Canada. Take direct action against those perpetrating Jew Hatred in Canada. Educate, empower & infuse Canadian Jews with great pride in their Jewish heritage. Unite Canadian Jewish Community through the "End Jew Hatred" movement.


Create community "End Jew Hatred -Canada" networks across Canada. Provide Jews across Canada with the tools and means to call out, report and confront Jew Hatred wherever & whenever it appears. Tactics:

Provide organizational leadership and resources for networks to draw upon. Promote Canadian top of mind awareness of movement through social media platforms and publicity. Compile "target lists" of Canadian individuals, organizations etc., which perpetrate Jew Hatred. Develop and implement legal, strategic marketing campaigns, specifically designed to denounce, shame, minimize or eradicate a target from said "list".

January 12, 2020

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