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There is no other way to describe the outcome of voting at the recent virtual policy conference of the New Democratic Party of Canada, other than to point out the party is neither new nor democratic. It was founded in 1961 by the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation and the Canadian Labour Congress so the current Conservative Party of Canada is much newer having been formed in 2003 by the merger of two other parties.

Self-identifying as “progressive,” the new term for all things anti-establishment, for socialist economics, social justice politics which divide people into categories of visible characteristics such as race, gender, disability, or lifestyle, requires also pursuing all policies with an anti-Israel agenda. In fact, adding an anti-Zionist slant to many policies is consistent with the new “progressive” position in politics across North America and Europe. Singling out Jews for censure isn’t polite or acceptable any more, except among the neo-Nazis, white wing extremists, black supremacists, Islamists and a few others on the fringe of society, so singling out Israel for condemnation is the choice of leftist antisemites. This can rightly be called Jew hatred!

Sadly, the Canadian party which was once understood to stand for social justice, has found the majority of its members voting resolutions that condemn a democratic country, one that exists amidst some of the worst anti-democratic regimes in the world. These SJW (social just warriors) folks just voted against the only state in the Middle East where LGBTQ+ individuals are safe and along with all minorities, men and women have equal rights. Only in Israel do people of all faiths, creeds and colours have equal rights before the law; the environment is seriously protected and viewed as the inheritance of all and future generations; people with disabilities receive some of the best supports and services in the world, and both Jewish and non-Jewish lives have been lost in defending this cherished and only democracy in the region.

Israel is the only place where Jews are the majority and feel they don’t face the threat of extermination. Israelis do however, face mortal threats daily, from unrepentant Jew haters who live freely in Israel, protected by civil laws while denying the very fact of Israel’s existence or trying to erase it. These terrorists are fed the same lies that have now been swallowed by the NDP.

Does voting prove democracy? I don’t think so, as we have seen whole swaths of the globe vote for tyranny, thus the Nazis were elected, the communists were a people’s movement, the Islamo-fascist government of Turkey today was elected, the Arab Spring sprang the Muslim Brotherhood to power which immediately started stripping away rights and freedoms, and similarly Iran’s Islamists were originally elected and immediately started to impose religious imperialism on a naively idealistic populace.

Democracy requires critical thinking, analysis, debate, tolerance, diversity, realism as much as idealism, adherence to truth not lies. The NDP has just failed to support the only democracy in the Middle East, and accepted ancient tropes against Jews, using the Jewish State as the stand in for “all things evil.” This is neither a new position for leftist socialists cum communists, nor for fringe parties that woo by discrimination against “others” while pretending to be against discrimination. If this party ever came into power, what might be the fate of the Jews in Canada?



For a very detailed and scathing criticism of the policies proposed and approved at the NDP convention, read this article by Fred Maroun, in The Times of Israel, April 12, 2021. It is very thorough and must be taken seriously; Fred is a former NDP local association president and an Arab Canadian.

Fred Maroun lived in Lebanon until 1984, including during 10 years of civil war. Fred supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, and he supports the Palestinians' right to self-determination in their own state. Fred is an atheist, a social liberal, and an advocate of equal rights for LGBT people everywhere.

Moshe Appel, writing in on March 21,2021 also analyzed the NDP anti-Israel position pointing out the campaign against the adoption and implementation of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism, a definition that took several years to draft, was developed by experts in several fields and adopted now by over 30 countries, hundreds of municipalities in the US and Europe, institutions including universities (not yet in Canada), 2 Canadian provinces, and many dozens of cultural institutions including sports teams. Yet a very fringe group of leftist Jews have dedicated time and resources to their campaign against Israel which includes disavowing the IHRA.

We must remember that in every generation Jews have fought Amalek and also been a divided people, with some supporting the oppressors or choosing assimilation or progressivism over Judaism and the self determination of the Jewish people.

Excerpt here:

Reasonable members of the NDP caucus agree that it’s outrageous for a progressive party to tell any minority group what hate and discrimination mean to them; that’s precisely what the crafters of this resolution have done by failing to consult the Jewish community, except for a fringe group like IJV.

Blinded by their hatred, the anti-IHRA campaigners continue their disinformation campaign. The IHRA definition makes it clear that criticism of Israel isn’t antisemitic, provided:

  1. It’s constructive and based on fact.

  2. It doesn’t invoke hateful messages or imagery such as those drawing parallels to Nazism.

  3. It doesn’t hold Israel to a standard, unlike all other nations.

False and nuanced statements made as though they are cut-and-dry are neither constructive nor based on fact. Therefore, when someone says, “Criticism of Israel isn’t antisemitic”, what they mean is “I don’t want to be labeled as a racist.

Moshe Appel has been involved in Jewish activism for most of his life, and regularly calls out antisemitism from all levels of government. Originally from Montreal, Moshe currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia and works in the healthcare field.


Is AntiZionism Antisemitism?

Watch this Oxford-style debate hosted by Intelligence Squared Featuring Melanie Phillips and Mehdi Hasan


Founding of a new Global Zionist Muslim Council Announced via Zoom

One of Toronto’s own Reform-minded Muslim leaders played a significant role in the recent webinar that officially launched The Council of Muslims Against Antisemitism. We praise and thank Raheel Raza, friend of CAEF, of the Jewish people, and of Israel. The story of the Muslim call to action against antisemitism is well described in this article by Steven Emerson in the Algemeiner on April 9th, 2021 and the full webinar is available for viewing here.

Steven Emerson is Executive Director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, the author of eight books on national security and terrorism, the producer of two documentaries, and the author of hundreds of articles in national and international publications.


What’s in a Name, if the Name is Swastika Trail?

For what is most definitely an extraordinarily long time, ie. over 15 years, Randy Guzar has been urging the local town of Puslinch, Ontario to change the name of the street on which he lives. Randy is both embarrassed by the name Swastika Trail and enraged that any Canadian community would be subjected to living under a Nazi-identified sign and signal that is clearly antisemitic. Read a personal view of the discomfort that Mr. Guzar experiences and his action to change the name which he wrote for Huffington Post.

You can assist in this action: ALL READERS ARE URGED TO SIGN THE PETITION BEFORE PARLIAMENT TO HAVE THIS STREET NAME CHANGED. This is necessary as both the local and provincial governments have either ignored or denied the request. TAKE A STAND!


CAEF Sends Letter to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

On learning that our esteemed national museum on human rights, the brainchild of the late Izzy Asper and the years’ long project of his daughter Gail Asper, is being pressured to add an exhibit about a fictitious and libelous story against the Jewish people, we sent an urgent letter. The libel is that Jews transgressed horribly against Arabs in the formation of Israel, creating the tragedy known in Arabic as the Nabka. The tragedy from the Arab perspective is that Jews created Israel and the fiction is that Jews massacred Arabs, raped the women, stole the land. The real tragedy is that these lies prevail and are now being pushed on the new President and CEO of the CMHR and they must be countered with truth. Read the letter here, and express your views to:


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