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Good News, Things to Celebrate, to Ponder, to Change - CAEF Bulletin November 9, 2020

Positives to Celebrate

We know that we are climbing a mountain of antisemitic acts, threats, intents but sometimes we need to see a few wins to keep us motivated to battle. Here are a few recently noted successes to celebrate.


Things to Ponder and Change—We All Need Act

This report by the Institute for Studies in Global Antisemitism and Policy was released in January 2020. We must act on it. All university campuses must adopt IHRA, eliminate SJP and SPHR and the like which peddle Jew hatred, anti-Israel lies and BS.

Read More from ISGAP to understand the financing of programs and people in universities by foreign governments aids the spread of antisemitism.


Advocate for IHRA on ALL Campuses, #EndJewHatred

A November 7, 2020 Times of Israel Blog by Ilan Sinelnikov, Founder and President of the Students Supporting Israel (SSI) movement and Valeria Chazin, SSI’s Board of Directors Chair, announced a new campaign by SSI that will be run across US campuses this year. CAEF is thrilled to see this initiative as it parallels our own desire to see this goal in Canada, but we lack student leadership to make it happen. The numbers of Jewish students is small relative to that on many US campuses, and students have many pressures, not the least of which is to do well and graduate; some have extra-curricular commitments including jobs and some are already very invested in other Jewish campus activities.

CAEF encourages all Jewish advocacy groups, clubs and social/cultural organizations to band together and get serious about supporting IHRA, ending Israel Apartheid Week, countering the BDS baloney and fight back. It is time to #EndJewHatred !

One of the campaign posters used by SSI to promote the official adaptation of IHRA's working definition of antisemitism. Taken from

The SSI movement has set itself an important goal this academic year. The national movement and its chapters are working on promoting the official adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism by student governments, academic departments, and school deans. For years, our community has been struggling to come up with ways to combat the rising antisemitism on campuses. At SSI, we believe that a proactive approach to fighting antisemitism is crucial, and so SSI’s campaign #DEFINEittoFIGHTit was born. We begin with asking academic institutions to formally define antisemitism.

#EndJewHatred is a new campaign launched in the US by the Lawfare Project. Watch for news on our initiative in Canada.


Know the Facts—Then Act, Educate, Advocate

Let’s understand who and what has held the Palestinian Arabs hostage for 72 years. It is not Israel!! The Arab elite of Fatah, PLO, Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other incendiary terrorist groups have not liberated the Palestinian Arabs, but used them as pawns, as bait in the battle with the West to eliminate Israel, eradicate the past record of a Jewish presence and the current reality of Israel. Let there be no mistake! That is their ONLY Agenda and it is led by “President” Mahmud Abbas, a man who wrote his PhD thesis on Holocaust denial while a student in the former USSR. He has not changed his coat of many colours which includes the colour he shows the UN and EU and Western powers to whom he plays victim, the colour he shows his people of strength and fortitude about winning the war to end Jewish life in the Middle East, the colour he has shown to the Arab League and the assorted Arab groupings that from time to time have condoned his machinations but are now tired of the victimology and fake martyrdom created by the false narrative of Israeli occupation and persecution. Isn’t everyone getting tired of the seasonal colour changes and histrionics of this unelected tyrant?

Help your fellow Jews and the State of Israel by simply telling the truth. Pass along the articles here and talk to your friends and family. Every reader need simply forward this article to another reader and tell them to do the same.


Was there ever a People called Palestinians or a Nation of Palestine?

Learn the truth, the Palestinian Jews became Israelis when the State was created, and many Palestinian Arabs also became Israelis, so who are the Palestinian Arabs? Listen to Avi Abelow tell the Truth, and share this with your friends, family, doubting teens and ill-informed neighbors. Challenge the lies and debunk the Palestinian myths.


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