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Israeli apartheid doesn’t exist

Letter from Richard Sherman to Washington Post

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Washington Post reporters Indian Ishaan Tharoor and Filipino Sammy Westfall should study the candid experience of South African Klaas Mokgomole in Israel in 2015 to understand how ludicrous it is to call Israel an "apartheid state". ("Jimmy Carter Warning: Without Peace, Israel Must Face 'Apartheid'").

As reported by David Karash of The Tazpit News Service (TPS) on 2/21/23:

"Desperate to find a restroom after a nearly nine hour flight from Johannesburg , South African university student Klaas Mokgomole grabbed his carry-on and hurried off the plane.

"Urgently searching out a gate agent at Tel Aviv International Airport and praying that the man understood English, Mokgomole asked sincerely, ' Can you please show me the blacks only restroom?'

"The agent's eyes widened in disbelief. He told Mokgomole he he had never heard of such a thing and pointed him to a nearby restroom.

"That's when it was Mokgomole's turn to be confused.

"Recalling that seminal moment, Mokgomole explained in a recent visit to Jerusalem: ' I was taught very emphatically, racism in Israel runs so deep, that Jews do not even share bathrooms with blacks or Arabs. To see within the first few moments after landing in Israel that this is not the case marked a turning point for me.'

"Dan Diker, Senior Project Director for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, told TPS that Mokgomole -- now head of Africans for Peace -- is the ideal person to educate the world about the dishonesty of the Israel apartheid libel.

"Diker explained: 'Klaas understands that the PLO apartheid narrative has attempted to rob him and millions of other South Africans of the legitimacy of their own experience of real apartheid by trying to recreate in a false way apartheid in Israel and he sees right through that lie' " . ("Eye Opener: South African Activist Abandons BDS after Trip to Israel", David Karash, TPS, 2/21/23).

If Mr. Tharoor and Ms. Westfall could ever break through the antisemitic woke bubble that they live in, they would understand that the real world knows apartheid means South African apartheid not a contrived definition created by antisemitic "human rights groups" like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and B'Tselem that only applies to the Jewish people of Israel in the identical fashion that the Nazi Nuremberg Laws only applied to the Jewish people of Germany. Richard Sherman


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