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Know Friends and Foes of Israel in a New Year | CAEF Bulletin, January 3, 2024


Wishing Everyone a Happy and Better 2024!

Help CAEF in our education for truth, Zionism pride, and eradicating Jew hatred.



Shurat Hadin, the Israel Law Center, Sues International Red Cross

Four freed Israeli hostages and the families of two hostages still held by Hamas are suing the International Committee of the Red Cross for 10 million shekels ($2.8 million), arguing it neglected its obligations under humanitarian law by failing to visit hostages in Gaza.

Watch Mirjana Spoljaric, President of the International Red Cross:

Canadians for Israel delivered packages to Canadian Red Cross for delivery to the hostages held in Gaza.

Watch Canadians for Israel demand the Red Cross visit the hostages in Israel on December 19, 2023:

Torontonian Susan Gould has persisted in writing dozens of letters to hostages held in Gaza and sending them to the Canadian Red Cross asking they deliver them.

Kudos to Susan for ingenuity and persistence and for challenging the Red Cross to take its responsibility seriously.


DEI, a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Many people have been caught up in the fad of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, not recognizing these policies are couched in a false paradigm, a leftist ideology that is inherently racist, divisive and antisemitic. In the interest of rectifying what are deemed to be historical grievances suffered by some groups by others, be it slavery, residential schools, immigration barring, academic quotas, job discrimination, and other acts of prejudice or violence, students of today are expected to pay the price of such legacy and suffer discrimination dependent on their identity. This identity politics uses an oppressor/oppressed paradigm (critical race theory) and victim hierarchy (intersectionality) which is undermining Canadian values of inclusion and equality, not furthering our common cause. Too much time spent on ahistorical ideological narratives is detracting from teaching knowledge, skills and attitudes for success.

CAEF is supportive of individuals and organizations that are challenging CRT and its application by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs, departments, consultants and related propagandists.

Jews are not the only ethno-cultural community concerned about DEI which favours some individuals over others on immutable characteristics not merit. CAEF welcomes the opportunity to work with allies, combating antisemitism and DEI which fuels it.


Hindu Student Advocacy Workshop Addresses Hinduphobia

CAEF was welcomed at this workshop, organized by the Coalition of Hindus of North America (CoHNA). Jewish and Hindu parents and advocacy organizations will make common cause in addressing DEI in public education.


Read more about this important issue:

Watch Bari Weiss, Why DEI must Die:

Watch Glenn Loury and Tabia Lee on DEI driving antisemitism:

Read Sarah Wood, Five states have banned DEI or aspects of it:


Dry Bones - Gaza kids and Harvard


Recommended Readings and Viewings

Listen to this young Arab suggesting that Arabs take responsibility for the hatred and violence that they have engendered on the world, including in their own countries.

Watch Hamas thank the Canadian government for its UN vote; breaking from support for Israel:

Listen to a recorded call between an IDF officer and a Gazan resident explaining Hamas controls humanitarian aid services:

Read Anthony  Furey on the troubling anti-Israel protests that impeded shopping in malls and were viewed as a “war on Christmas.”

Read article by Benyamin Netanyahu on Israel’s three prerequisites for peace

Read Etgar Lefkovits, Papua New Guinea opens embassy in Jerusalem and Consulate in Ariel.

Read Warren Kinsella on the lack of political will to stop antisemitism on the streets in Montreal

Watch Sophia Salm Khalifa, an Arab Israeli speaking truth about Israel and the War with Hamas:

Read Dave Gordon in JNS interviewing Torontonian, Shai Deluca who won his defamation case against Foodbenders, filed in 2020, in which it is noted that the libel against Deluca mirrors the hateful antisemitic tirades being shouted on the streets of Toronto now.

Read Howard Levitt on  TMU law school students condoning Hamas must face consequences.

See Simon Wiesenthal Center’s 10 Worst Antisemitic Incidents for 2023

Read Douglas Murray  on Gazan children used by Hamas as a tool in war

Read Debbie Mohnblatt on who funded the Hamas terror tunnels

Read  Paul Miller on hatred of Israel coming from Armenia


Where Should the Gazans Go?

Will Canada and other Western nations be importing potential terrorists and Jew haters, while offering humanitarian solutions for the people of Gaza? This is not to suggest that all “civilians” of Gaza are either terrorists or antisemites, but a recent poll conducted by a Palestinian Arab pollster revealed that over 80% of Gaza residents supported the Hamas massacre of Israelis and over 70% of Arabs in Judea and Samaria did as well. In light of these statistics, consider the article below and the recent announcement by Canada’s Minister of Immigration.


Click here to view a breakdown of Gazan Civilians, Hamas Terrorists, and Kidnapped Victims in a recent AP photograph.


Read David Israel on Israeli poll supporting voluntary emigration from Gaza

Read Canadian announcement on immigration for people affected by Israel/Hamas conflict

Watch Nikki Haley provide a solution for Gaza:


YOU Can Be Part of Action Campaigns

1. Canada must withhold funds from UNRWA which educates Palestinian Arab children to deny Israel’s existence, to maim and kill Israelis.

2. Israel must demand that the UNRWA curriculum be revamped to eliminate all references to violence and eradication of Israel.

CAEF proudly partners with the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research in raising funds to contribute to the documenting of terror training in the classroom and in summer camps run by UNRWA.



Read more about UNRWA’s Education for Terror

Read Bassam Tawil on how UNRWA grooms terrorists.


Watch Gazan Children Expound Hatred

The Children of Gaza: Indoctrinated to Hate, Indoctrinated to Kill, Indoctrinated to Become Martyrs

Take Action for this campaign by writing letters.

Read the CAEF Letter to Iddo Moed, Israel’s Ambassador to Canada, and then write your own letter, BCC to  and include the following:

“UNRWA uses texts and teachers’ manuals from the Palestinian Authority in all of its schools, whether in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, Lebanon or in Jerusalem. The materials cultivate a culture of violence and Jew hatred and educate Arab children to seek martyrdom by terrorism.

At a time when the government of Israel struggles with policy options on the day after the current war in Gaza, we call upon the Government of Israel to demand that UNRWA and PA schools cease and desist from incitement and indoctrination to violence.”

Send your letter to the Israeli ambassador here:

Ambassador Iddo Moed Embassy for Israel 50 O’Connor Street Ottawa, ONK 1P 6L2

Write the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Melanie Joly and demand the Canadian government cease funding UNRWA until such time as all the texts and teachers manuals have been revised to remove all antisemitic, anti-Israel incitement to violence content.

Send your letter to:

3. Sign petition to the UN, International Red Cross, and G7 Governments to Free the Hostages

Click on the graphic below or here to sign today!


Coming Soon: CAEF Webinar in Partnership with Jewish NGOs at the UN and the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research

Institutionalized Antisemitism at the UN

The UN and its many agencies, councils, committees, commissions, no matter what the focus, find Israel short of the mark or blameworthy. It is ludicrous to consider that women in Israel are mistreated, that minorities have no rights, that the environment suffers, and that Israel commits every other abuse when Israel is the only country in the entire Middle East where the opposite, writ large, is true. Watch for the announcement of this webinar.


Advocacy and Action

CAEF Letter to Professor Arthur Ripsteinfollowing up on the U of T Working Group on Antisemitism, asking that he acknowledge the IHRA must be adopted.

CAEF letter to the Canadian Human Rights Museumdetailing facts that negate the demand by Pro-Palestinian activists for exhibits that purport to show human rights abuses by Israel.

CAEF letter to Mayor Olivia Chow and Council asking the city to stop the anti-Israel protests that have included hatred, Antisemitism, vandalism and attacks on individuals.

Letter from Larry Shapiro to The Boston Globe re death count in Gaza, and not to believe Hamas.

Letter from Michael Teper to Hon. Stan Cho, MPP regarding MPP Joel Haren's statements opposing the ticketing of Palestinian protesters for noise violations.





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