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Larry Shapiro wrote to Toronto Star,Re: false allegations by Linda McQuaig,an anti-Israel journalist

Dear Editor,

Linda McQuaig was remiss in omitting the information that Iran supplies and finances Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Jenin and because the Palestinian Authority has failed to police this city, Israel had no choice than to raid the city to confiscate weapons caches and put a stop to attacks on its people. There wasn't a single civilian casualty. Also omitted from McQuaig's report was any reference to the outrage expressed by Jenin's citizens at the failure of the PA to defend them from crime and corruption and its inability to stop militant groups from placing them in danger.

As for the contention that " Israel's new right-wing coalition government is extremist and out of sync with the moderate democratic values held by most Canadians." It should be noted that there is a huge difference between Canada and Israel, the most notable is that Canada does not suffer terrorist attacks while Israel is under constant attack. Here are the statistics for April 2023 supplied by the Israeli government. "189 terror attacks were recorded in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. There were a total of 111 firebomb attacks, 47 pipe bomb attacks and 19 small-arms fire attacks. There were also 7 arson attacks, 3 vehicular attacks and 2 assaults. In addition, 66 rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip and six incidents of AA fire were reported." And that's just April. Obsessing over Israel's democracy when it is under constant fire seems to be a misuse of journalistic resources.

Sincerely yours,

Lawrence C. Shapiro, Calgary


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