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Letter: Blatant discrimination against Jews and Israel presented by Angie Seth

Dear News Editor and Management at CTV News,

The recent exuberant, over the top presentation by Angie Seth of a fictional portrayal of life for a Palestinian Arab family, entitled The Present, is nothing short of deceit, antisemitism and a betrayal for it is absolutely not a news story, but as the film producer herself states, it is fiction. Not only is it fiction, hyperbolized extremism of a situation with no context, it ignores the facts that have led to the situation in Israel where it is necessary to protect lives—Jewish and non Jewish—from daily threats of murder and terror.

The so-called Palestinian Arabs have refused every peace plan offered to them, including massive land transfers, have signed agreements such as the Oslo Accords and broken most aspects of them, and continue to run terror training camps, reward terror including paying salaries to those who kill Israelis! The fact that there are check points is to ensure few lives are lost. Doesn’t Ms Seth think that is valid, or does she prefer that more terrorists are allowed to massacre sleeping infants in their beds?

Does Ms Seth have any knowledge of the geography, history or politics of the region? She seems to think that a man who can’t as easily pass through a border as he wishes, has had his freedom taken away. Really? Welcome to Canada, Europe, America where one has to pass through a border and present documentation and state a purpose for the trip—by car, rail or plane. And we are not expecting terrorism but Israel is, so wouldn’t it be great to avoid any such occurrence?

Ms Seth seems ignorant of the fact that even children carry bombs and knives to kill Jews. Maybe she should be required to read the news?

There is far less freedom for Arabs living under the Palestinian Authority or Hamas than for any Arabs living in democratic Israel, where all citizens have equal rights. What rights do Jews have under PA’s governance? Zero! Does Ms Seth or CTV care to comment on the lack of balance, missing context of this unfortunate piece of fiction?

I am including a few documented facts for you to consider. Maybe as a so-called news program, Ms Seth or another reporter would care to present these to your Canadian audience that has just been feted with fiction not news. All of the excerpts below are taken from the well documented news reports of Palestinian Media Watch, an organization that cares about the lives of people in Israel and the Disputed Territories. CTV ought to consider reporting these facts.

On International Women’s Day:

  • PA’s role models for women include terrorist murderer of 37 Dalal Mughrabi, MP Jarrar, a member of the PFLP terror organization who spent time in jail for inciting to terror, and District Governor Ghannam who as policy glorifies terrorists.

  • PA Minister of Women’s Affairs: 24% of Palestinian women receive less than minimum wage from Palestinian employers

  • Ahead of PA elections, terror organization PFLP emphasizes its goal to destroy Israel, confirming violence and terror is “foremost” means of struggle:

  • “[PFLP emphasized] its firm opposition to recognizing the racist Zionist entity, and its determination to continue with all forms of the struggle, and foremost among them armed resistance, in order to liberate every grain of the soil of Palestine.”

Pay for Slay:

Having now almost completed 10 years in prison, the salary the Palestinian Authority pays to the murderers of the Fogel family is set to rise by 50%, from 4,000 shekels ($1,203) per month to 6,000 ($1,806) per month.

The PA’s Bogus Claims at the Inernational Criminal Court:

The PA Minister of ‎Foreign Affairs Riyad Al-Malki has exposed that the PA and the ICC Prosecutor, Fatou ‎Bensouda, have been in constant contact and that Bensouda even gave the PA ‎advance notice of her decision to formally open an investigation, but asked that the ‎PA ”keep it secret”. Al-Malki also explained that PA representatives intend to meet ‎with the Prosecutor in the near future. ‎

The Truth about the Fatah Movement:

Abbas’ Fatah Movement regularly reminds Palestinians that it has not put down its weapons, reveres the rifle, and is committed to destroying Israel. In numerous statements, Fatah officials have expressed their pride in terror attacks and murders of Israelis, as exposed by Palestinian Media Watch

CAEF looks forward to receiving your response.


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

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