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Letter from Larry Shapiro, Calgary to Arkansas Democrat Gazette, re bias of Professor Raouf Halaby

Sept 11, 2023

Dear Editor,

I understand that you only publish letters from Arkansas residents, but perhaps you will relax your rules to make room for a comment from Canada about the Arkansas Democrat Gazette's outrageous attack on Israel penned by a professor Halaby who repeats the most scurrilous accusations concocted by the Palestinian victimhood project that is well known for utilizing taqiyah which is culturally sanctioned lying to get the upper hand on an enemy. Arkansas residents deserve to hear the truth which is that Palestinian terrorism takes place on territory governed by the Palestinian Authority that has acknowledged its helplessness to police its own people Since the victims of this terrorism are Israelis, Israeli security services including the IDF are obliged to take steps to stop the killings. Intervention by Israel would cease if the terrorism stopped, but that does not appear to be imminent mainly because the terrorism is supported and financed by Iran whose goal is to bring down the Jewish state using willing Palestinians to assist them.

Sincerely yours,

Larry Shapiro, Calgary


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