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Letter from Larry Shapiro to Editor, Toronto Star, re post-Oscar article by Shree Paradkar, dehumanizing Jews

Re: Post-Oscar Jonathan Glazer and out-of-sight Kate Middleton have this one thing in common, Shree Paradkar, March 13,2024 Toronto Star

March 18, 2023

Dear Editor, 

Here is what the British author Howard Jacobson said about Jonathan Glazer's repudiation of his Jewishness at the 2024 Oscars. "Hijack!" Consider the import of that word. So despicable are the Jews, they will steal from themselves the most hellish events in their history to justify visiting hell on others. For a Jew to concur in this fashionable defamation-that Jews are moral profiteers, and that it is only by shedding such Jewishness that a Jew can feel pity-is doubly despicable." Those like Shree Paradkar who accuse people of lying when they defend the humanity of Jews are detestably dehumanizing Jews. Is this what journalism in Canada has come to?

Larry Shapiro, Calgary


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