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Letter from Larry Shapiro to the Editor, J Post: Palestinian Arab antisemitism & Palestinian Arabs

Re: Israel is responsible for Palestinians killing Israelis, Gershon Baskin, Aug. 10, 2023, Jerusalem Post

Aug. 10, 2023

Dear Editor,

Gerson Baskin is unwilling to acknowledge the antisemitism that (a), motivates Palestinians to resist the existence of Israel, and (b), the right for Jews to live in their aboriginal land. There is no concession that Israel could make that will change this ingrained hatred of Jews and that includes ceding the entire West Bank to the Palestinian Arabs which has been proposed by Israel and rejected by the Palestinians. This innate hatred of Jews was confirmed by "Radwan Abdullah, a well-known Palestinian writer," who in "an article in Nidaal al-Watan" admitted "that he makes no distinction between Jews and Israelis - the Jews are, according to him, just as despicable today as they were in Mohammed's time." [1]. The entire Arab world even the countries signing normalization agreements with Israel feel the same way.

As for Baskin's statement that Israel is responsible for Palestinian violence against its people, well, he is in good company from ancient pharaohs, to Christian inquisitors to Ukrainian and Russian Cossacks to Hitler, and laterally to Iranian ayatollahs and those "good people" [2] in the American neo-Nazi movement who are crying out 'Jews will not replace us'. Blaming us for the violence against us is and has been the rationalization employed by genocidalists for their pogroms, massacres and Shoahs. Baskin should know better.

Sincerely yours,

Larry Shapiro

[1] Elder of Ziyon Aug. 12, 2023

[2] Donald Trump talking about the Charlottesville neo-Nazi marchers

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