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Letter from Richard Sherman to NY Times re No "Humanitarian Pauses" For President Lincoln

From: Richard Sherman

Date: November 2, 2023


Cc:, "A.G. Sulzberger" <>, Michael Slackman <>

Subject: No "Humanitarian Pauses" For President Lincoln

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Clearly Secretary of State Blinken categorically rejects the war time decisions of Abraham Lincoln to end the evil of slavery.("U.S. to Press Israel for 'Pauses' in War Against Hamas").

During the fourth year of the Civil War, many Democrats and a few Republicans were upset with the carnage of the war, demanded an armistice - and called themselves the"peace camp".

President Lincoln refused calls for an armistice or any "humanitarian pauses" notwithstanding the enormous loss of civilian life in Atlanta and the Auschwitz-like living conditions for Union prisoners of war at Andersonville and demanded an unconditional surrender because he understood the pure evil that the Confederacy represented.

Today there are similar calls from the many in the Democratic Party and other supporters of Hamas for a cease fire and "humanitarian pauses" allowing Hamas to continue its raison d'etre as expressed in Article 7 of its Charter to murder every Jew on earth.

The parallels between the Confederacy and Hamas are striking.

Both embrace a supremacist philosophy .

The Confederacy embraced white supremacy and the enslaving of blacks, and Hamas as per Article 7 of its Charter embraces the genocidal racist antisemitism of the Nazis -- not only enslaving Jews but murdering them.

Hamas and The Confederacy reject democracy and Hamas engages in barbarity against Jews even beyond the barbarity of the Southern slave owners against blacks, eviscerating, disemboweling, and beheading Jews.

Lincoln rejected any armistice or "humanitarian pause" because he understood the pure evil that was the Confederacy,'s embrace of slavery and that it had to destroyed ...even though he knew there would be enormous civilian casualties.

Prime Minister Netanyahu just like Lincoln understands that evil only understands its own death, and that any cease fire or "humanitarian pause" enables Hamas to continue beheading, disemboweling and eviscerating Jews.

Just as Lincoln demanded an unconditional surrender of the Confederacy to end its enslaving black people, Prime Minister Netanyahu recognizing the same evil in Hamas that Lincoln saw in the Confederacy understands only an unconditional surrender will end the pure evil that is Hamas.

The bottom line is that there is no discernable difference between the evil that was the Confederacy and the evil that is Hamas..Only an unconditional surrender not "humanitarian pauses" will end such evil.

Richard Sherman

Margate, Florida

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