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Letter from Ruth Abrams to Leaders of Canada re: Glorification of October 7th massacre


Dear Leaders of Canada,

“…Long Live Oct 7…”   Is that what Canada now stands for?  This is the  open chant at rallies across Canada promulgated by masked, paid troublemakers, provided free transportation and tents by the government of Qatar, which hosts and supports Hamas, and funds the very universities attracting duped students with compromised corrupted faculties.


Samidoun, banned in Germany, is  connected to suicide bombings and airline hijackings, but operates with impunity in Canada. It is headed by Charlotte Kates and her husband Khaled Barakat who was expelled from the U.S. Both of them have been expelled from Europe but are free in Canada to instigate all these hate rallies which are clearly being led by dubious outsiders hiding behind masks, glorifying Hamas, and freely proclaiming their intention to kill, rape and torture Jews. 

Hamas has infiltrated Canada. It’s time you, our leaders, read the Hamas Charter and clearly reject its hideous message. Have you ever wondered how 50 million Germans fell in love with Hitler and the Nazi philosophy?  As Harry Truman so bluntly put it, “The buck stops here.”

To quote Mayor Eric Adams, May 1, 2024: 

“….This is a global problem that young people are being influenced by those who are professionals at radicalizing our children, and I am not going to let that happen as the Mayor of the City of New York….”


Mayor Adams is doing his job.

Will you take action now to defend our democracy against a very real threat?



Ruth Abrams, Toronto, ON

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