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Mobilize to End Jew Hatred, Know the Facts | CAEF Bulletin, Aug 8, 2023

Let’s End Jew Hatred in Our Lifetime

"We know the problem: Antisemitism. But how do we tackle it when it's coming from so many directions in so many varying forms? This book gives us the practical tools to mobilize out fight against Jew hatred and become the activists we need to be in these urgent times." - Lizzy Savetsky.


Gazans are Mobilizing Against Hamas

While the global anti-Israel campaigners always say they are defending Palestinian Arabs, nothing could be further from the truth. The real victims of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Fatah, the PLO, and other terrorist groups are the Arabs who live under their rule and terrorism.

Has any media reported on the current protests in Gaza, all squelched by Hamas? Arabs have been beaten, arrested, murdered by a murderous authoritarian regime that does not care for its constituents. Hamas is dedicated to murdering Jews and eradicating Israel, not to building health care, education, peace. In Lebanon, there are “refugee camps” which hold the descendants of Arabs who fled Israel in 1948, but remain isolated, prohibited from occupying many professions, from owing land, accessing health care and other amenities. In PA controlled areas, like Jenin, the Arabs hold their own people within “refugee camps” in order to continue to discredit Israel, claim poverty and dislocation and extort funds from Western countries which seemingly offer humanitarian assistance. Such assistance drains funds from nations that could do more for peace, fuels anti-Israel hatred and keeps millions in disarray, living lies. It is nonsense that living in Jenin makes one a refugee; it proves the falsity of any claim and the uselessness of the UN agency, UNRWA.

Read and share the article by Bassam Tawil, published by Gatestone Institute on August 4, 2023.


Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Confirms NO Right of Return for Arabs

Read the statement from Ambassador Eldan to the Security Council.


The Palestinian National Movement is Lead Source of Antisemitism

Watch the video of Col. Richard Kemp addressing The Pulse of Israel Conference, on June 25, 2023.


The Israeli Protests and Counter-Protests

CAEF and End Jew Hatred want to mobilize Jews to fight antisemitism, not to fight each other. The history of the Jews is replete with internal fighting that was soul destroying, community destroying, and eventually Jewish sovereignty was also destroyed. Surely, we can do better than this. Suggestions, even hints of civil war are cruel and destructive.

Our enemies, like Hezbollah, are emboldened by the crisis in Israel, while interference from foreign governments, the UN and leftist NGOs fails to comment on tyrannical regimes like Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela.

In Canada we are concerned about foreign interference in our national affairs, our elections and our governance, yet there are Canadian protestors demanding the Canadian government criticize and chastise Israel which can only be described as a mockery of democracy and showing contempt for Israelis. Surely, the Israeli public must deal with its own internal issues. No other democratic country would stand for such international interference. It is not democracy that is being threatened in Israel but people’s livelihoods, safety and security as protesters shut down businesses, health care, threaten doctor strikes, union strikes, airport closures, bank closures, reservist strikes and shut the main highways.

Read Jonathan Tobin, editor in chief of JNS, July 26, 2023.


What is Happening on Israel’s Northern Border?

IDSF founder and CEO, Brig. Gen. Amir Avivi provides an update:

Is Israel mobilizing for a defensive or offensive action?

Watch the interview of Maj. Elliot Chodoff with David Parsons, Vice President, ICEJ, August 3, 2023


Good News Needs to Travel Too! Recognizing Panama's Commitment to Fighting Antisemitism

CAEF, a proud partner of the Combat Antisemitism Movement since 2019, was pleased to sign the letter congratulating and thanking Her Excellency, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Janaina Tewaney Mencomo, of the Republic of Panama for her government’s adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of Antisemitism.


Build Alliances and Mobilizing with Non-Jewish Zionists

This message from UK-based Dan Cohen, who posts under the name The Modern Maccabee, makes a strong case for allyship with our Hindu friends. He has introduced CAEF to a local Hindu leader and CAEF looks forward to moving forward together to End Jew Hatred and Hinduphobia.

CAEF is very pleased to have strong relations with various Christian organizations that love and support Israel. We are working to launch Stronger Together, Building with Allies to End Jew Hatred, September 10, 2023, Beit Avraham Yoseph of Toronto Synagogue with partners in the Iranian community that oppose the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime which constantly threatens Israel. We look forward to growing this relationship. Watch for more information coming soon.


Advocacy and Action

CAEF letter to the NYT re its journalist suggesting that the Western Wall, not the Temple Mount, was Judaism’s most holy site.

Letter from Larry Shapiro to the Jerusalem Post, August 3, 2023 re the PA’s unwillingness to negotiate.

CAEF article in The Jerusalem Post, August 8, 2023, addresses antisemitism in DEI programs in Canadian universities.


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