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Mobilizing Canadians — Please act on these two issues NOW

We are thrilled to have thousands of supporters on our email list but regret that we don't have you identified by country or province/state, so apologize if this does not apply to you.

We are asking Canadians to sign the petition calling on the Government of Canada to hold a Public Inquiry into the granting of funds for anti-racist training to a leading racist antisemite, Laith Marouf and his organization, Canadian Media Advocacy Centre. This petition is only open until October 1, 2022 so sign here today.

We are asking Canadians, especially residents in Ontario to urge the York Regional District School Board to adopt the IHRA working definition of antisemitism and it is urgent they hear from people who support this. Those opposed, spread lies about the working definition, claiming it silences proPalestinian voices and worse, but in fact, they are spreading Jew hatred. The board is somewhat divided and those who support IHRA are urging everyone to send letters to the trustees immediately. The vote is on Tuesday September 13th. A model letter is available here. You do not need to write a lengthy piece, just state that you support IHRA and urge its adoption. The list of trustees is below.

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