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PASSOVER GREETINGS and Things to Watch - CAEF Bulletin March 26, 2021

May this Pesach Bring Blessings to All


This Arab Israeli Speaks Truth


Know and Defend IHRA--CIJA and the International Legal Forum Provide the Lesson


Toronto Jewish Community Together Against Antisemitism at U of T

It was a landmark web meeting with over 30 sponsors under the organizational leadership of B’nai Brith Canada, that met on March 25th to hear from Jewish professors and students about the decades old antisemitism at Canada’s most prestigious university. Examples of personal and collective Jewish experiences were presented and shocked many listeners. But it should not be shocking as stories about antisemitism and Israel bashing have emanated from U of T for too long and the past and current administrations have done little to nothing to curb this.

The Jewish community must act. NO instance of Jew hatred is acceptable!

Here are two things YOU can do:

Write the President, Dr. Meric Gertler and cc the Chair of The Working Group on Antisemitism, Dr. Arthur Ripstein, and demand the following:

  • That the University begin enforcing its own by-laws and policies to protect Jewish students on campus;

  • That the University adopt the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism.

The office of university president Meric Gertler can be reached by phone at 416-978-4163 or by email at

The Working Group on Antisemitism can be reached by email at


CAEF Celebrates Kosovo and Israel’s New Alliance – watch the Webinar now


Club Z Teen Educates Other Teens about Zionism

CAEF is proud to feature young people who speak out, educate, advocate and confront anti-Zionism and antisemitism. In weeks to come, we will center on more activity with students and NGOs that support them.


Jews and Non-Jews Need Recognize the Dangers of Antisemitism

In this essay by David Hunt, first published in and then on, the author describes the current situation as War, and enjoins us to do more than talk, write letters, and hold our head in our hands. Read this provocative and insightful call to act.


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