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Rally with Allies, Support Jewish Students, October 12, 2:00 PM

The Toronto rally for Students Uniting for Israel is on the south lawn, facing the legislative buildings at Queen's Park. Speakers are coming from many allied communities, standing with the Jewish people.

Bring your flags, posters, support for Israel in her dire time of need. The events of the past few days are tragic beyond belief. Monday night's rally was magnificent, so let's show our students the same support. The front line of antisemitism is very much on university campuses. AntiZionism IS Antisemitism.

The world now knows are enemies are butchers, savagely murdering innocent people. Israel must act to prevent any reoccurrence, so must not yield to any outside pressure, must not be victimized by lies and blamed for the actions of HAMAS which imposes hardships on Gazans.

We acknowledge and thank our allies who stand with Israel, and the Jewish people.

See photos from Monday evening rally.


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