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The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation, in partnership with The Lawfare Project, initiated End Jew Hatred Canada, the civil rights movement for the Jewish people in January 2021. The focus is on direct action, standing against Jew hatred in all its forms, and bringing attention to the problem while censuring the antisemites, be they individuals or organizations.

To learn what the End Jew Hatred movement is about, watch and listen to Brooke Goldstein, founder:

End Jew Hatred Canada has held several direct actions and campaigns in the Toronto area. See Holocaust Remembrance Day Vigil, (January 2021), Standing with Israel Rally (May 2021), Rally with Allies/Standing with Berlin Jews (July 2021), Rise Up Ottawa (November 2022).

Under the amazing vision and energy of award winning public school teacher, Lisa Levitan, End Jew Hatred, in partnership with Ottawa Against Antisemitism, The Lawfare Project, and CAEF held a powerful and packed educational day in Ottawa on November 6th focused on antisemitism in the Ottawa-Carlton District public schools. The day's program featured many speakers, in particular five students who gave voice to their experiences of antisemitism, and the event ended with an urgent call for action.

Contributing to the energetic and inspiring atmosphere were two special productions, one delivered virtually was a song written for Rise Up, and performed by rapper, Kosha Dillz, and the other delivered in person by Koolulam, an Israeli musical sensation.

The End Jew Hatred banner was an important motif throughout the event, providing a unifying message.

Michael Teper, Andria Spindel, and Gerard Filitti

Information about the movement, resource material, calls to action and opportunities to join, are on the new website.

View mission statement, videos of events, downloadable posters and other resource material.

Send comments, sign up to receive more information. This is but the beginning.

Leaders wanted! Start a chapter, contact:

Contribute information for the Wall of Courage or the Wall of Shame.

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Join the follow up meeting to Rise Up Ottawa. Simply register to attend and receive the Zoom link.


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End Jew Hatred Canada is not an incorporated NGO, but a movement. Anyone can join. All organizations fighting Jew hatred are invited to use the material, organize direct action. We invite you to share information and build cooperation. | #EndJewHatredCanada

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