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Read Letter from Larry Shapiro, Calgary to the Washington Post, March 2, 2024 in response to an article by Fareed Zakaria

Dear Editor,

Someone needs to tell Fareed Zakaria some difficult truths. Hamas, not Israel started the war. There would not a demolished building, no dead children in Gaza if Hamas has lived up to its cease fire with Israel. No one would be starving in Gaza if Hamas had not decided that raping women, burning Jews alive and beheading their babies took precedence over the welfare of the poor souls over whom it was governing. Someone needs to tell Zakaria that 17 years of brainwashing Gazans to hate Israel and wanting to kill Jews would inevitably result in a disaster for the Gazan people, and that the Jews are not always the villains needing a big daddy to  mitigate their behavior.

Larry Shapiro, Calgary


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