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Recording with Avi Abelow:Growing Arab Antisemitism Continues Unabated Because of Internal Issues

On August 24th, Avi Abelow, founder of the Pulse of Israel and 12 Tribe Films Foundation tackled a very tough topic, and shared insights on the heightened antisemitism and terrorism Israeli Jews are experiencing, both in Judea & Samaria, and within Israel proper. This increase in terror is not a retaliation for any action by Israel, but the result of fuelled and funded hatred towards Jews and Israel, coming from the Palestinian Authority, and other terrorist entities that operate unchecked by the PA in Judea and Samaria, and of course in Gaza.

Avi celebrates the miracle of Israel, while also describing the daily, serious threats to her stability and security. It is imperative that Canadians, Americans and Europeans cease funding the terror-training Western countries have enabled by funding UNRWA which continues to educate Arab children to hate, commit violence and kill Jews! There is no sane reason to support UNRWA and it ought to be clear to tax paying citizens that it is immoral to fund terror, and to allow the PA to reward terrorists who kill innocents.

Internal Israeli political disputes, no matter how serious, will not, in Avi's view, destroy the fabric and unity of the Jewish people. Ultimately, all Israelis want Israel to survive and be strong, and all diaspora Jews must allow Israelis to sort out internal issues, and stand firmly behind her legitimacy, her democracy, her internal authority. It is not for others, no matter how thinks it to be well meaning, to tell the electorate of Israel how to vote, and how to protest. Standing with Israel, means, unconditional love for the Jewish state, its people, and its capacity to resolve its own issues. The enemies of Israel like nothing more than to see the strife in Israel, the discord and disunity that they can use to demonize and denigrate the ONLY Democracy in the Middle East, and the ONLY Jewish state in the world.


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