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Relationships that Matter, and those that Don’t | CAEF Bulletin December 13, 2021

Jews need Allies, Antisemitism Can’t be Overcome Alone

Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin writes in his blog, Martini Judaism, published online by Religion News Service, of the importance of building allies. He quotes heavily from a Lebanese Canadian, Fred Maroun, a true ally, whose article on ally-ship appeared in the Times of Israel on December 1st, 2021. This is important to share, especially with those we ask to stand with us against antisemitism.


Watch a webinar on Addressing antisemitism through education: IWitness website launch presented by UNESCO and the Shoah Foundation

December 14, 2021 1:00pm EST, live from Paris, with speakers that include, Hon. Irwin Cotler, Canadian Special Envoy on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism; and other experts:

Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director General of UNESCO for Education

Kateryna Ryabiko, First Deputy Director, OSCE/ODIHR

Rabbi Andrew Baker, Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office on Combating Anti-Semitism, and Director of International Jewish Affairs at the American Jewish Committee

Melissa Mott, Director of Echoes and Reflections, Anti-Defamation League

Felisa Tibbitts, UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Higher Education

Esra Özyürek, Sultan Qaboos Professor of Abrahamic Faiths and Shared Values, University of Cambridge


US Resumes Funding PA Which Pays for Arabs to Murder Jews, Why is Canada Funding Terror Training with UNRWA?

We should be able to easily answer the age-old question: “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” Nobody! But unfortunately the US is exactly the friend that Israel needs so how can it turn off the tap that is funding the enemy?

News is that President Biden agreed to renew funding of UNRWA which his predecessor had cancelled, but he conditioned it on the agency cleaning up its terrorism texts, which it is loathe to do. But any funding directly to the PA supports the Pay-for-Slay policy of that medieval misogynistic dictatorship, whose leadership has said it will never stop rewarding Jew killers, even if it can’t pay for basic human services for its people.

And Canada? Our government reinstated funding of UNRWA which is an abomination since the evidence has mounted that its training children to kill.Clearly this is child abuse as well as terrorism against the Israeli people.

With the latest escalation of attacks in Israel, is there any doubt that Canada should withhold funds? Last week, an Arab teenager attacked an Israeli mother walking her kids to school and he was carrying a text book from which he had learned that his purpose was to kill a Jew.

The US suspended its support for the PA in early 2017, and later suspended its support for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). However, current budget data released by the PA’s Ministry of Finance shows that the US has already transferred a total of $10 million to the PA.

Read How UNRWA Does Zilch in regards to its original mandate, in this article by Mark Goldfeder in the Jerusalem Post, Dec 2, 2021.


Watch webinar presented by the UK Lawyers for Israel Charitable Trust, with Professor Orde Kittrie refuting, The Accusation of Israel as an Apartheid State



For those doubters and defenders of the “Palestinian” right to “resist” and stage peaceful demonstrations, consider the facts that Arab children are being trained to kill. That is part of the curriculum funded by Canada and other Western democracies that make a mockery of our human rights record and self-righteous speeches about support for peace and tolerance. But beyond the lies fed to us by the Palestinian Arab governments, both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, the very lies we are fed are part of a never ending drama played out on a real stage. If they cannot kill an Israeli or have an Israeli kill them so they can be celebrated as a martyr, then the next best thing seems to be to stage an injury, blame the IDF, get mass media attention and carry on with lies that Israel is harming Arabs.

Watch this pageantry presented by Leah Rosenberg on December 7, 2021.

Ask yourself why the western media constantly falls for verbal lies and lies acted out? How do the journalists working for the mass media benefit from portraying lies about Israel and repeating ancient tropes in new modes? Are they wishing away Israel?


Where Lived the Jews in India and Where are the Indian Jews Today?

CAEF was proud to be a sponsor of the recent Kulanu Canada webinar on The Jews of India entitled, "Sale, Settle, Share, The Symbiosis: Tales of the Portuguese Jews of Madras/Chennai", which received accolades from many viewers and attracted almost 700 registrants. The webinar is almost 1 3/4 hours, featuring historian Dr. Kranti Farias and Captain Davvid Levi of the last family of Chennai (formerly Madras).

Watch and ask: if there was acceptance and assimilation of Jews for hundreds of years, where is today’s antisemitism in India coming from?


Calls to Investigate Antisemitism at the TDSB

Much has been said in the news this month about the debacle at the Toronto District School Board where a Jewish Trustee who called out the antisemitism in material distributed by an Equity Officer in an opt-in mail list was then charged with having breached the Code of Ethics of said school board. Nothing could be more clearly an indication that, to quote an old phrase not meant to denigratenamed country, that “something is rotten in the State of Denmark.”

A positive outcome was achieved at the board meeting on December 8th, at which a majority of the Trustees voted to reject a report presented by the Integrity Commissioner which was based on an independent investigator’s findings, and that would have censured Trustee Alexandra Lulka. The whole matter was somewhat like a show trial. The commissioner had to admit that some of the materials distributed by Javier Davila, the Equity Officer, were indeed antisemitic and lauded terrorists while calling for the destruction of Israel. To say the least, there is no way that any defense can be offered once these facts were confirmed. Yet Davila has not been publicly sanctioned, disciplined or fired for cause. The Jewish community of Toronto is awaiting justice.

What was truly discouraging is that 7 of the 17 Trustees present including the Chair and Vice Chair, voted to censure the Trustee who had done nothing more than call for an investigation into the distribution of such disgusting and dangerous material. Then, for an added kicker, the so-called independence of the lawyer who did the report on wich the IC relied, was shown to have a history of her own antisemitic bias, expressed in tweets over past cases in which antisemitism was a theme.

So far, justice for the Jews has been denied, but CAEF and the hundreds of Lulka supporters and all major Jewish organizations celebrate the vote, vindicating her of any wrongful act.

CAEF will continue as part of the Working Group Against Jew Hatred to call for an intervention by the Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, to look into what is going on at Canada’s largest school board. We understand that the IHRA definition of antisemitism was adopted by the province so it must be the standard for government funded institutions and we understand that even prior to the province’s Executive Order of 2020, the TDSB in 2018 had adopted IHRA. Therefore the investigation should focus on how the Chair, the Director, the IC and others were able to ignore this policy and allow antisemtism to be part of theeducational offerings of an Equity Officer as well as a student protest at Marc Garneau Collegiate only a week earlier.

Read comment by CAEF prior to the Board meeting.


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Isn’t known for its Accuracy in the News

CBC is demonstrably biased and has its own political view on just about everythingto do with the Middle East and most often reflects a woke perspective on issues,and that includes often aligning with Anti-Israel Actors. Its latest philosophical announcement was shared in an article by Jesse Kline for the National Post, on November 30th, 2021. Just in case you missed it, please take heed. There are now 18 English words that can no longer be used by CBC reporters.

Forget these Words


From North Carolina a CAEF supporter sent this Thought for the Day:

"For surely we are not contending in order that my view or yours may prevail...but I presume we both ought to be fighting for the truth.” (Socrates)


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