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Shelby Talbot's lies, distortions, ignorance express significant antisemitism

Dear Editors, Readers and Funders of the Queen's U Journal,

It is indeed shocking to see in the April 8th edition of the Journal, such inflammatory Jew hatred expressed in a university paper, so little truth and zero research. What is the point of a university education if the most simple, straightforward facts cannot be presented, but lies and bigotry abound?

The distortions of the legal, historical, and current reality of Israel parallel every trope ever present against Jews in any society.

Israel has NEVER been an apartheid state and the evidence is on every street, in every business, and corner of society. Arab Muslims sit in the parliament, the Knesset, serve as executives in major institutions including one of the largest Israeli banks. Arab Muslims have all the same civil rights as the Jews, Christians, Druze, Bahai and Samaritans. But they don't have to serve in the military; however, many CHOOSE to serve as they are proud of their country, Israel.

Israel has never ethnically cleansed their society; how else can it be that the Muslim population has grown and continues to grow? While the truth is that Jordan evicted EVERY JEW and destroyed synagogues when they illegally occupied Judea and Samaria after an offensive war that began the minute Israel declared independence. As well, every Arab country expelled all of their Jews, took their property and murdered many from 1948-67. To this day, no compensation was ever given and every Jew resettled, making a decent life and contributing to their new country, while the Arabs chose victimhood and stay in so called "refugee camps" because it suits their narrative and makes rich those who rule ruthlessly over them. Why have no Arab countries settled their brethern? Why do they pretend to be refugees 70+ years after they were defeated? Every other people is settled, but the story of the Palestinian Arabs continues to play out as a tragedy so that it can continue to discredit Israel when the discredit belongs solely on the Arabs themselves. The billions spent in keeping them refugees could have been spent settling them, after all, most came from other countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq.

Israel recognizes freedom of religion but the Palestinian Arab leadership does not. So, no Jews are allowed to live in Arab controlled villages, Arabs are not allowed to sell land to Jews, and can be jailed or killed if they do, and no other faiths are supported as evidenced also by the huge evacuation of Christians from PA controlled towns and cities. Hamas seems to prefer to just kill minorities, including gays and lesbians, while Israel is a refuge for fleeing LGBTQ Arabs.

The latest round of riots is strategically happening during Ramadan, fueled by the PA, rewarded by the PA, and desecrates a supposedly holy site for Muslims. Look at the photo. Does this look like peaceful resistance and what would they even be resisting? Muslims control the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, and prohibit Jewish prayer and they stow rocks and incendiary devices in the mosque in order to start a riot, and then the Western press and the equally gullible antisemites at Queen's U can claim that the Israelis are unfairly attacking Muslims at prayer. Utter nonsense, total lies.

The Israeli government has had to prohibit Jews from even visiting their holy ground, a coup for Islamist terrorism. Is that freedom of religion? Freedom of assembly?

Your attempt to have Queen's do more to sanction Israel is an attempt to impose Jew hatred on the student body and blacken the name of your academic institution and it is appalling.

I hope Shelby Talbot wakes up to the fact that she is making the university unsafe and unwelcoming to Jews. In repeating the lies of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, she is not at all supporting a Palestinian cause for liberty and freedom but a Palestinian cause for the destruction of Israel, that is what those organizations are pursuing. I urge that Ms Talbot get at the truth. Read the Hamas charter which calls for death to all Israelis, and read the legislation of the Palestinian Authority that pays Arabs to murder Jews, and read the translated textbooks of UNRWA, approved by the PA, that teach children that Israel does not exist but at the same time that they should martyr themselves and kill Jews.

The blood will be on your hands.


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

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