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Six Months in Hell for the Hostages. Toronto Stands with Israel. Save the Date

April 7th will mark 6 months (184 days) that the hostages are being held captive in Hamas hell.

It is nearly 6 months now that 134 hostages remain captive in the Hamas terror tunnels. For nearly 6 months our broken hearts yearn for their return and ache for their suffering. On April 7, it will be six months since the Israeli hostages were taken, and a global event will take place.

Its purpose will be to call the world’s attention to the date of this horrific massacre and hostage-taking, and the plight of the remaining hostages, to show them they aren’t forgotten, and to unify us as Jews.

Cities across the globe including, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Hong-Kong, New York, Washington, and many more will host local events, to unify our community around the hostages and bring their plight back to the forefront of the news.

In Toronto the event will take place at Nathan Phillips Square with the support of CAEF and many other organizations, including different allied communities.

#BringThemHomeNOW - Six Months in Hell

For more information, please join our WhatsApp group here.


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