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Social Justice or Social Injustice? | CAEF Bulletin - Sept 14, 2022

We acknowledge and thank StandWithUs for this brilliant poster.


A Public Inquiry Must Be Held into the Marouf Scandal

A lot has been written, particularly by journalists with the National Post, ascribing inauspicious practices to the Canadian Heritage Department and the CRTC for awarding significant sums of money to a blatant antisemite with no respect for people of colour, indigenous Canadians or French Canadians, in fact, with no respect for Canada at all. How was his hate missed, and by so many people, including by Ministers who celebrated his supposedly anti-racist work? Will we ever know the whole story?

The Jewish community deserves a full airing on this matter. CAEF has submitted a petition calling for a full open public inquiry as well as having filed a freedom of information request to receive all the documentation about communication conducted by the Canadian Media Advocacy Centre with the Government of Canada. We learned latterly that a similar FOIA has been filed by The Lawfare Project and Relaw, LLP and we heartily support this effort as well.

If you have not yet signed the petition calling for a public inquiry, do so now: Sign here

Read more about what the federal government has proposed, which is inadequate. We want to shine a full light on what happened, and then consider how to prevent it from happening again.

Read more in the National Post on how anti-racism isn’t being done well federally.


New Signage on Bathurst Street in Toronto

This sign recently appeared on Bathurst Street, calling all Jews to stand up and seek help if their rights are impinged. Jew hatred is an attack that needs to be fought, that is unacceptable and in many cases is actually illegal.


Education Promoting Antisemitism. Is DEI the Answer or the Problem?

Two articles below outline how formal public education is generating, fuelling, spreading fallacious stories about Jews and Israel. Jews must get active, build ally-ship and define such activities as Jew hatred. Stand tall, Support Israel. Zionism isn’t the problem. Antisemitism Is the Problem!

Schools are not teaching Jewish history, respect for ethno-religious differences, critical analysis, respect for different opinions, and that opinions are not facts. Holocaust Education is inadequate for quelling antisemitism. As Rabbi Corey Margolese has stated," the Holocaust did not generate antisemitism; antisemitism generated the Holocaust," and is thousands of years old. Students need to learn to identify this hatred, and to know that today Zionism is the main target of antisemitism. Israel is being blamed for every evil and Jewish students suffer this extremist bigotry.

Read report from the Heritage Foundation on the depth of antisemitism among Diversity, Equity and Inclusion staff.

Read the article about UN representative pushing Critical Race Theory internationally, which will threaten Jews and many others

Read Sapir Magazine article on what Jewish students face as CRT is pushed into all grades and adopted by universities.

Read about UK’s newest project to fight antisemitism, the London Centre for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism which will focus on academic research into contemporary antisemitism.

Read about the teacher unions in US that promote policies and teach content that vilifies Israel, reinforcing Palestinian belligerence instead of actual history and geography of Israel and the Jewish people.


Palestinian Arab Children Abused by UNRWA

Funding the antisemitic United Nations Relief and Works Agency perpetuates the training of young children and teens as terrorists, ignorant of the legal and historical existence of Israel and hating Jews. This is child abuse!

Honest Reporting, US reported that the members of the European Parliament have called on UNRWA to correct their textbooks and eliminate such grossly hateful material. They, like many other organizations, most notably the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research, have called for the end of jihadi violence, incitement and antisemitism.

Noteworthy is that the Palestinian Authority which approves all textbooks for its schools and UNRWA operated schools, continues to glorify the Munich massacre and reward all murderers of Jews. Their policy, their statements and practices,are nothing less than despicable, revolting, and reprehensible but is the world watching? Does Canada care?? The Canadian government is a major funder of UNRWA. Germany is the largest funder. The EU has not ended its support for terrorism either.

Read the article of September 7, 2022 on how the media depict this horror, never the truth about UNRWA.

CAEF has partnered with the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research in funding documentary films showing UNRWA schools training Palestinian Arab children to be terrorists, demonstrations of anti-Israel violence, and other forms of anti-Israel hatred in communities within Judea and Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. The Center has launched a multi-pronged campaign and YOU can support this. Read more here and donate here.


The Injustice of the Social Justice Movements

Jonathan Tobin, editor of JNS, captures the situation perfectly in this article published August 20th, 2022 asking why Jews worship social justice, which is supporting injustice, against Jews, Blacks and others. There is a simplicity to supporting the idiot-ology of the Leftism.


A Gift from Israel Forever Foundation

People often ask for easily accessible information to educate themselves about Jewish history in regards to Israel, the concept of Zionism, the legal rights etc. This downloadable document celebrating the 125th anniversary of the first Zionist Conference in Basel, Switzerland and Theodore Herzl’s dream, from The Israel Forever Foundation is one to recommend. (Ed.)


Advocacy and Action

CAEF Letters

CAEF has sent several letters to school boards in Ontario which are dealing with antisemitism, or not dealing with it well. See letters to the York Region District School Board urging adoption of IHRA, and to the Ottawa-Carlton District School Board urging they investigate the situation that led to their cancelling Canada’s esteemed Special Envoy on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism, and confirm a date for his presentation to educators.

CAEF letter to the YRDSB following their Board meeting of September 13, 2022 at which a large majority deferred adopting IHRA to an "indefinite" date, in other words, they rejected the accepted standard definition of antisemitism.

CAEF letter to Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the NDP, condemning his recent policy recommendations, directed to the Liberal Party, noting they align entirely against Israel. This lengthy letter addresses each of the 13 statements that demonize Israel, betray any Jewish trust in the NDP and belittle Canada’s current position to support its ally in the Middle East.

Letter to the Editor, National Post on the Marouf scandal.

Letter to the Editor, Newmarket Today, by Board member, Michael Teper, calling on the York Region District School Board to adopt IHRA.


Justice for Arabs will come when they rid themselves of Tyrants and Terrorists


There is Yet No Resolution with Metrobus

The poster shown below on the right below was not actually place on buses, but the message from PallywoodMitzvahMedia deserves attention. The City of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, has not made amends with the Jewish community, nor resolved the issue of false advertising that spreads lies and potentially harms Jewish residents and overall encourages ignorance, antipathy or worse against Israel. That the Mayor and Council have delayed addressing this issue, defended it on commercial not moral grounds, is unacceptable.

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