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Special Bulletin—Thank Media that Tell Truth; Media Bias Affects Jews in Canada

Write to The Toronto Sun and The National Post for having the chutzpa to tell the truth.

Read article by Sue-Ann Levy, published May 22, 2021 in The Toronto Sun

Read articles published in the National Post by journalists Raheel Raza, Ahmed Shah, Rupa Subramanya and John Robson.

Apologies if other competent journalists and opinion writers were missed, but these all deserve our acknowledgement. Please send others to the attention of CAEF at

We urge readers to acknowledge the role media play. Many are spreading falsehoods, fueling the flames of Jew hatred, fanning the fire of lies and bigotry and rousing crowds with an inversion of history and fallacious statements not facts. It is despicable. Here is an example of how a teacher within a public school can negatively influence children’s views.

Honest Reporting Canada has documented the extensive misinformation produced by other journalists and media. Read below

CAEF sent letters on Monday, May 24th, 2021 to the Toronto Sun Editor and Assistant Editor, the National Post Editor and to the President and CEO of Post Media


For More Info on Media Bias, Register with Honest Reporting


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