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Special Bulletin - Ukraine Stands with the Jews | Mar 1 2022

Ukraine Stands with the Jews; Jews Stand with Ukraine

Ukrainian flag, Wikipaedia

There is a dark antisemitic past in Ukraine that many have conjured up at this time as Ukraine struggles against the darkness thrown on it by Russia’s imperialist leader, Vladimir Putin. While we must never forget the past, we must not punish those living in the present (despite what purveyors of the critical race theory ideology would have people believe), thus it is incumbent on all Canadians and people of goodwill, to stand with Ukraine now. It is not Ukraine that is promoting Jew hatred, for its people have a duly elected Jewish president, Volodymyr Zelensky, a hero of our times.(read The Atlantic Feb 27th, 2022)

Ukraine is desirous of joining both the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) because it identifies with Europe, with democratic values and an open society, and chose to throw off the yoke of communism and the hegemony of Russia. For this it seems it is being punished. In addition, the presumed richest man in the world, Vladimir Putin, wants the rich resources of Ukraine, wants to return Russia to the era in which the dominant force in the East was the USSR, and he wants to stop the West from further influencing nations seeking freedom for all. (Listen to President Zelensky addressing the European Parliament March 1st, 2022)

This just reported: Russia strikes Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial.

Listen to Israel’s friend, the Consul General of Ukraine, Oleksandr Shevchenko who spoke at the End Jew Hatred Canada Rally, organized by CAEF in Toronto, July 25th, 2021. Ukraine is our friend. We stand with Ukraine.

The oligarch, Vladimir Putin’s wealth has not been confirmed but this video and this article, suggests it is in the billions of dollars.

Be aware that the anti-Israel mob is attempting to link its bogus “resistance” to Israel, really its resistance to democracy and freedom, by suggesting that like Ukraine, some non-existent country they call Palestine, has been invaded and occupied. All LIES. It is Israel that is saving Ukrainians and others stranded in Ukraine, not Hamas or the Palestinian Authority, not Syria or Lebanon, not Saudi Arabia or Yemen. Israel, the light unto the nations, is on the scene rescuing Israelis, Jews and Arabs, as well as Syrians and Lebanese citizens.

Take action, show support by flying the Ukrainian flag, attending rallies in support of Ukraine, telling your government to do more to show support, provide aid, rescue civilians, send a strong message to Russia, support Ukraine’s entry into NATO and the EU.

Donate to the legitimate charity of your choice that is sending aid to Ukraine.


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