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Stunning Exposé on Antisemitic Incidents in Social Work Education

A stunning exposé, our research report, appears in the most recent edition of the Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism. You can read Exclusion, Isolation, and Rejection: Emerging Anecdotal Reports of Jews Studying Social Work. Preliminary Findings ( This report recounts incidents of antisemitism in five Canadian social work schools. To read a summary of this 14 page report, please read our detailed press release here.

Have you signed our petition urging the social work educational bodies to include the study of antisemitism in the social work curriculum? If not, please do! Please sign even if you do not reside in Canada. You can list your city and country in the field called 'province'.

Our study continues. If you know current or recent social work students who study/studied in Canada who would be willing to discuss their social work education relative to their Jewish identities, we are continuing our interviews. For more details, read the research page on the CAEF website


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