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TAKE Action! Then Attend Events in Your Area | CAEF Special Bulletin, May 29, 2024

Stop Politicization of Ontario Education System—keep ideology out of the Classroom.

Your help is needed NOW. There’s a motion TODAY at the Toronto District Schol Board to keep politics out of the classroom. This motion, which should have cut across political lines and be supported by anyone who wants to protect our students, has actually garnered fierce opposition. It has just come to our attention that the ETT teacher’s union along with some trustees, are campaigning to stop it! 


Tell Netflix to withhold biased antisemitic film

Netflix is planning to release an antisemitic film, Farha, depicting the IDF as monsters. 

The Jordanian film Farha, by director Darin J. Sallam, in which IDF soldiers are seen murdering a Palestinian family during the War of Independence, will be released on Netflix in December.

The film presents the IDF soldiers as bloodthirsty monsters who amuse themselves with the death of helpless innocents. In Salem's film the Israelis kill for no reason. They're doing it for fun.

Such events never occurred. The film is a total lie and a dangerous blood libel inciting against the IDF that will lead to more antisemitism.


Stop Iran From Executing Jewish Man

Sign Petition from American Center for Law and Justice

There are three things all of us can do to try to save Arvin Ghahremani, a 20 year-old man who was attacked in a gym by a knife yielding man who owed him some money.

The Iranian regime, in a microcosm of its larger agenda, seeks to delegitimise his act of self defense to end his life.

We can say Tehillim, we can sign this petition, and we can send the petition to our lists, families, and friends. Although this does not ensure that we will be successful, we must try and do whatever we can.


In person in Toronto, Celebrate our Common Humanity and Love of Canada

We Heart Canada Event:

Virtual meeting with Jewish and Filipino Canadian Leaders

Celebrating a historic friendship. Join at:

Purchase a ticket for in person meeting in Toronto, with Sharren Haskel, MK

Meet and Greet with Knesset Member Sharren Haskel:

In person in Washington, DC , The Jewish African Alliance

Ending Slavery and Terrorism in Africa and Israel. Tuesday Jun 25, 2024 10AM-12PM at US Congress Meeting Room and Wednesday, Jun 26, 2024 10AM-11:30AM at National Press Club Washington DC



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