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Take two minutes, Sign two letters

There are two issues that every Canadian should easily be able to support—removing the name of the street called Swastika Trail and asking university administrators to condemn Jew hatred on campus and take steps to remove it.

No one should want to live on a street associated with a Nazi symbol. Read the letter and then support the petition initiated by Randy Guzar here.

If universities continue to ignore the pain and harm done to Jewish students by the anti-Israel/antisemitic crowd, be it faculty or students, they are both exposing Jewish students to discrimination and basically condoning it. NO such ignorance would be tolerated if this were anti-black or anti-Muslim discrimination. Read the letter below from Tiphaera Ziner-Cohen, and then take action here.

Hello friends!

I'd like to personally request that you take the time to sign on to our open letter calling on university administrators to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism. As of this writing, nearly 300 students and alum have signed on in support.

You, like me, know how valuable this definition is in protecting Jewish and Israel-supporting students on campus from the many manifestations of antisemitism that are increasingly prevalent in today's world. Your signature sends a powerful message that Jewish and Zionist students on campus will not let their campuses be overtaken by Jew hatred. It also sends the very important message that we are not alone and that we have each other's backs.

But our work is far from over. I urge you to share this letter with your network and those closest to you so that they can show their support as well. The more support our letter receives, the more inclined university administrators will be to take action on our pressing concerns regarding campus life. United, we will be successful in ensuring a better university experience for Jewish and Israel loving students across this country.

So, please send on! Let's keep the momentum going!

Thank you all once again and to those still writing exams, you got this!

All the best,

Tiphaera Ziner Cohen

University of Windsor Law, Class of 2023


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